Vanguard Program

Faulkner University’s College of Biblical Studies’ mission is to develop the whole person through spiritual, character, and intellectual formation for service in God’s kingdom through sharing the gospel in order to lift the spiritual and physical well-being of people for God’s glory.

In pursuit of this mission, the College of Biblical Studies searches for students who have a vision to devote themselves in the ministry of the gospel as their life’s vocation to people in our diverse world. The Vanguard Program seeks Christian volunteers to participate in ministry activities. This program provides mentoring and educational opportunities related to ministry/missions activities for those that volunteer for the program.

The Vanguard Program consists of men and women dedicated to serving in God’s kingdom. They utilize their gifts and talents to participate in ministry opportunities as representatives of Faulkner University. The Vanguard program has two groups, the Vanguard Men and the Vanguard Women who serve under the acronym of W.I.N.G.S. (Women In God’s Service).