Second Major in Vocational Christian Ministry

The second major in vocational Christian ministry is designed to better equip Christians to fulfill their calling to serve Jesus Christ through their vocations. A primary major outside the College of Biblical Studies is required.

Students at Faulkner University take Bible courses every full-time semester, completed 17-24 hours in Bible as a part of their regular course load. With careful planning and use of the Bible electives in the Bible core curriculum, a student can satisfy the requirements for the second major in vocational Christian ministry with only three additional courses beyond the normal Bible core requirement. Note: This major requires at least 33 hours of course work in Biblical Studies. Students considering this second major should take all Bible courses for three (3) semester hours credit.

Bible Core

  • BI 1311 The Life of Christ
  • BI 1314 The Book of Acts
  • BI 2302 The Pentateuch
  • BI 3311 Marriage and Family Relations

Required Courses in this Major

  • BI 2309 Orientation to Biblical Studies
  • BI 3320 Vocational Christian Ministry
  • BI 3319 Biblical Interpretation
  • BI 3345 Introduction to World Missions
  • BI 4332 Church Work Practicum
  • Six (6) Hours: Upper Level Bible Text