Faulkner Lectures

Faulkner Lectures Program for 2019

Join us for the 2019 Faulkner Lectures on the theme “RESTORE! Seeking God’s Way.” In our ecumenical and pluralistic world, the plea to restore simple New Testament Christianity is needed more than ever before. The history of the Restoration Movement encompasses an exciting group of preachers from across the country. We will focus on them to be sure, yet Restoration involves more—much more—than just history. The Restoration Plea serves as a touchstone for a way of life for the individual and for the local congregation. We plan to examine the plea to “RESTORE!” in every way possible.

Choose Your Topics

We will also explore a wide range of topics relating to family, evangelism, and leadership.

Honoring Excellence

The Friends of the Restoration will host a special series of three lectures and a dinner on Monday, March 4. At the Silver Circle, Alumni, and Friends Dinner on Tuesday evening Martel and Doris Pace will be honored for outstanding service to Faulkner, the church, and the community.

Student Lectures

Wednesday afternoon will showcase several of our students as they deliver lectures to our student body. This aspect will be a highlight of the program and will give our students opportunities to utilize their talents in preparing and delivering biblical lessons to both men and women.

Restoring the Educational Program of the Church

For Thursday, March 7, Drs. James Gee and Brenda Turner have planned an in-depth seminar focusing on improving the educational efforts of the local church for both children and adults. The College of Education will be involved in this year’s seminar.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers for chapel and evening sessions—Hiwattthia (Hi) Jones, David Shannon, Andrew Itson, Lonnie Jones, and Jacob Hendrix—will convict and inspire. The Youth and Family Ministry Summit will provide resources and information to equip and to encourage those who work with families and young people.

Need More Information?

The full program for other special lectures and opportunities for entertainment and fellowship will be available soon. The Drury Inn in Montgomery (334-273-1101) offers special discounted rates for those who attend Faulkner events.

I look forward to your arrival.

Dr. David Hester, Director

334-386-7614 / dhester@faulkner.edu