Welcome Letter from the Dean

Scott Gleaves

Shaping purpose, character and destiny is the business of the V. P. Black College of Biblical Studies. Our commitment to Christ, to the church and to biblical truth undergirds our service to you. We believe that the highest form of learning is the knowledge of God and that the greatest act of service is to God’s glory.


The College of Biblical Studies is unique to Faulkner University in that we directly impact all students for the simple reason that the ultimate need of every human being is a spiritual relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


As a Christian university, the College of Biblical Studies encourages the assimilation of faith and learning in three distinctive ways:

  1. We immerse students in a Christian worldview as defined in Scripture through academics, social activities and community service.
  2. We expose students to people of biblical faith both in the classroom and in the community life on campus.
  3. We dialogue with students about the true meaning of faith in order to help them think through difficult and disturbing questions, issues or challenges that they may be experiencing or pondering.

In essence, our purpose is to educate your spirit, soul and body for the purpose of preparing you to minister to a world that desperately needs God (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

Let’s talk about what God’s purpose is for you.


G. Scott Gleaves, PhD., DMin.

Dean and Associate Professor of New Testament Studies and Christian Ministry

V. P. Black College of Biblical Studies

Kearley Graduate School of Theology