BA in Biblical Studies – Biblical Text

The track in Biblical Text is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for serious study and research in the biblical text. This major is also designed to provide a solid academic foundation for graduate study in Biblical Studies.

Course Semester Hours
Core Curriculum (contains 12 hours of Bible) 60 hours
Bible Requirements for the Biblical Text Track 66 hours
Common Bible Requirements (all Biblical Studies Tracks) 24 hours
BI 2309 Orientation to Biblical Studies
BI 3319 Biblical Interpretation
BI 3342 Preparing and Delivering Bible Lessons
BI 3345 Introduction to World Missions
BI 4310 The Restoration Movement in America
BI 4320 Critical Introduction to the Old Testament
BI 4321 Critical Introduction to the New Testament
BI 4391 Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry
Textual Requirements 18 hours
Doctrinal Requirements 3 hours
Historical Requirements 6 hours
Practical Requirements 3 hours
Biblical Language Requirements 12 hours
(BI 1301, 1302, 2305, & 2306) or
(BI 3301, 3302, 4344 & 4346)
Total Hours Required for Graduation 126 hours

UPPER LEVEL COURSES: At least 48 of the hours required in Bible must be taken from upper level courses. Textual hours must also be taken from upper level courses.