The Busy Online Student’s Guide to Meal Planning

The Busy Online Student’s Guide to Meal Planning

Faulkner University students know that balancing online studies with work and family life isn’t always easy, and pursuing an online degree program in addition to your everyday routine can leave you with little time to accomplish other essential tasks, like maintaining a healthy diet. Fortunately, with a bit of planning and these three useful college students’ online tips, you can develop positive dietary habits without taking too much time away from your studies.

  1. Devote a small portion of one day to meal prep.
    One of the easiest ways to streamline your diet is through meal prep, which simply refers to the preparation of several meals in one shot. If you’re able, choose one set day per week when you can dedicate a few hours toward whipping up the next week’s meals. This not only allows you to devote adequate attention to nutrition by planning for a well-balanced diet, but also prevents you from having to cook throughout the remainder of the week, freeing up plenty of time for homework and other important tasks.
  2. Focus on healthy snacks.
    Snacking often carries a negative connotation, but the reality is that healthy snacking can be very beneficial. Some dietitians even recommend simply eating several small meals per day, rather than the standard three large meals.  Regardless, regularly eating small, healthy snacks, such as fiber-filled trail mix or low-fat yogurt, can help curb the urge to overeat when dinnertime comes around while providing valuable, energy-boosting nutrients.
  3. Keep health at the forefront when eating out.
    While eating out is sometimes seen as an unnecessary expense, enjoying brunch at your favorite café is an excellent way to reward yourself for a job well done. If you are planning to eat out, select healthy foods – items rich in fiber, such as vegetables and whole grains, can fill you up and help promote digestion, while lean proteins are an excellent choice if you’re physically active.

Additionally, if you’re eating in a casual setting, consider bringing your academic materials along for the trip. Many cafés offer Wi-Fi access, making it that much easier to chow down while checking tasks off your to-do list.

Snack Smart and Study Hard with Faulkner University

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