Finding hope, health and healing at Faulkner

Jacob Hartsfield, right, stands with Dr. Jean-Noel Thompson
Jacob Hartsfield, right, stands with Dr. Jean-Noel Thompson

For senior Jacob Hartsfield, Faulkner has been a place of growth. It’s a place where he has been able to grow both intellectually and spiritually. Since transferring to Faulkner, he has found peace for his mind, body and soul.

As a young boy growing up in Tuskegee, Hartsfield suffered with seizures which continued through high school, and into his freshman year in college. He had a difficult time focusing on his studies and became dissatisfied with his progress.

Around this time he met Faires Austin, a recruiter at Faulkner who encouraged him to give Faulkner a try. After earning an associate’s degree in office administration at another school, Hartsfield transferred to Faulkner and found peace.

“I came here with a lot of health problems, but I’ve learned not to let things hold you back,” Hartsfield said. “I had seizures in my past, but now I’m coping with that and all the issues that stem from that. I owe it to prayer.”

Hartsfield was eager to share his story. He smiled when he talked about meeting and getting to know Dr. Jean-Noel Thompson, vice president of student affairs, who has become a strong mentor to Hartsfield.

“I recall sitting and talking with Jacob upon his arrival at Faulkner, in which he shared so much ambition and promise,” Thompson said. “He is a fantastic young man and it’s so good to see him live it out through self discipline, focus and a servant heart.”

Hartsfield also spoke highly of his professors in the Harris College of Business where he is pursuing a business degree. Since coming to Faulkner, his health has greatly improved and his studies are excelling. He owes it to the community of faith he has found at Faulkner, the senior said.

“When I came to Faulkner I felt like I was home,” Hartsfield said.

“I know a lot of people pray for me and ask if I’m ok, and that’s just God’s way of telling me to slow down and say, ‘here I am.’ I’m taking my medication diligently and I’m in very good health now.”

Hartsfield is also one of the top cameramen and commenters for junior varsity basketball as a part of Faulkner’s Faulkner Sports Network, a student- focused program designed to provide hands-on opportunities for those interested in sports management, broadcast journalism, graphic design, photography and more.

Coming to Faulkner has not only reignited his passion for his studies and working in sports media, but it’s given him peace for his mind, strength in body and faith for his soul.

“I owe it all to God. He didn’t put me here on accident, he put me here on purpose,” Hartfield said. “He had it all planned out. God is in control. He knows what’s going to happen. He’s preparing me for something I’m not aware of. I just need to stay in the word and I can say I’ve grown up a lot since coming here as a man and as a Christian.”

Now a senior, Hartsfield is a business major and minoring in counseling. He is also a part of the Faulkner chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success, NSLS and interned at Regional Finance.