What is Counseling Psychology and What are the Benefits of a Degree in It?

What is Counseling Psychology and What are the Benefits of a Degree in It?

Counseling psychology is a broad spectrum practice that refers to the facilitation of personal and interpersonal functioning across the lifespan. As opposed to clinical psychology that is rooted more in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and disorders, counseling psychology can improve the well-being of any client, whether he or she is seeking help alleviating a specific problem or dealing with a crisis. In addition, counseling psychology can help clients with goal-oriented counseling, such as issues related to education and careers. Counselors may work with clients on a short or long-term basis and on an individual level or in a group setting. This psychology can be an exciting career due to the diverse population of clients and the concerns that each client brings to you for your guidance. The use of tools that focus on prevention and adjustment will be key to a successful career.

To practice counseling psychology, you need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. At Faulkner, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology, which can lead to rewarding careers in the human services, mental health services, or community support. A Bachelor’s degrees in counseling psychology, which offers a large set of core courses in psychology, counseling in general, and Christian literacy is also a great foundation for graduate level studies. With a graduate degree in counseling you will have the tools as well as the ability to seek licensure in order to work as a professional counselor in many different settings. Along with preparation for working in a mental health or community organization or clinics or counseling centers, a graduate degree at Faulkner will prepare you for this world by integrating a Christian-based worldview into your training.

This hybrid type degree can provide you with an advantage when entering the workforce, whether you want to work in Christian ministry, general mental health, or a Christian organization as a counselor. A Master of Science in Counseling from Faulkner will serve you well both academically and professionally and will help prepare you for your career. The online format of the courses in this Master’s program allow for students to continue to work if necessary or attend school full time, and the variety of courses will prepare you to work with diverse populations.

Between a variety of course options and a counseling field experience, a Master of Science in Counseling from Faulkner will undoubtedly prepare you for a successful career in this field.