Applying Your Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Faulkner University

Applying Your Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Faulkner University

Students who have a general interest in business and who might be interested in securing a corporate job or even managing their own business should consider pursuing a bachelor of science degree in business administration at Faulkner University.

A bachelor of business administration will help to prepare students for life in the business world by providing them with a body of knowledge across business disciplines. Students will develop oral and written communication skills as well as strategic decision-making skills that are required to not only to find employment within the business field, but to succeed in the business world as well.

One of the advantages of earning a bachelor of business administration degree is that it will provide you with the opportunity to pursue several different career opportunities following graduation.

Applying Your Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

There are many different options to consider when it comes to applying your bachelor of business administration degree. The flexibility that the degree offers allows students to pursue different niches within the business field depending on their unique interests. The following are a few examples of careers that graduates can obtain once they have earned a bachelor of science in business administration:

  • Financial Officer – Financial officers are responsible for the financial health of an organization. They gather and analyze financial data and are responsible for preparing business activity reports, financial statements and financial forecasts. They also help identify ways to save money and ensure that all legal requirements are met.
  • Marketing Research Analyst – A marketing research analyst studies the market in order to determine the sales potential of an organization’s products and services. They’ll be responsible for monitoring and predicting sales trends as well.
  • Human Resources Manager – Human resource managers are responsible for the administrative functions of an organization. This includes recruiting new employees, interviewing and hiring new staff, serving as a liaison between employees and management, ensuring equal employment opportunity, mediating disputes, directing disciplinary procedures and more.
  • Sales Manager – The sales manager oversees the sales teams of an organization. They are responsible for setting sales goals, analyzing sales data, developing training programs for new sales representatives, preparing budgets, approving expenditures and more.
  • Commercial Loan Officer – Commercial loan officers evaluate loan applications to determine the risk of the borrower and whether the loan is authorized or not.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Faulkner University

Faulkner University provides its students with a balanced business administration education that effectively prepares them for potential employment within the business field following graduation.

What makes Faulkner University unique is that it incorporates a distinctly Christian perspective on business-related ethical issues as a part of its bachelor of business administration curriculum.

Students will focus on several different subjects, including Mathematical and Scientific Literacy, Information and Communication Literacy, Personal and Social Literacy in addition to business courses, which will include Managerial Accounting, Personal and Consumer Finance, Microeconomics, Database Management and Principles of Marketing.