How To Make Friends In Your Online Classes

How To Make Friends In Your Online Classes

If you’re enrolled in online classes, you might be wondering how to make friends without the in-person study groups and one-on-one communication that you’d find in a traditional classroom setting. If you’re concerned about feeling lonely or left out, don’t worry – forging meaningful connections can be easy, even online. Whether class has already started or you’re still a few weeks out, take advantage of these useful tips to ensure that your virtual classroom is just as fulfilling as any brick-and-mortar classroom would be.

  • Make The First Step
    Start off by introducing yourself. Usually, there will be a course chat room or introductions post, where you can share your name, talk about your hobbies and goals and even respond to others’ comments. This forum allows you to strike up conversation in a friendly setting, where everyone’s just as excited about class and getting to know each other as you are. This can be especially useful for students who are shy or anxious about talking to new people, as chatting online is often less intimidating than talking in person.
  • Connect On Social Media
    Once you find people you can relate to, add them to your social media pages. LinkedIn is a great choice, as it allows you to keep in touch with classmates that are pursuing similar, if not the same, fields of interests that you are, which can come in handy during your job search later on. To chat more informally, it might be better to use Facebook or even Skype.
  • Communicate Outside Of Class
    Sometimes, you might even be able to go above and beyond social media. While you’re making introductions, take note of where everyone is located. If anyone is in the same state as you or in the local vicinity, arrange a meet-up at a coffee shop or library with some of your nearby classmates. If you’re close enough, you could even set up in-person study groups like you would in a traditional classroom.
  • Bond Over Similar Interests
    One of the best things about attending Faulkner University is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers. At Faulkner – a private, Christian, liberal arts school – you’ll usually have at least religion in common with your fellow students. This can be a great starting point for conversation. You might even sign up for an online theology course, such as Christian Cultural Heritage or Advanced Studies in Biblical Theology, as a gateway to meeting new friends, where you can discuss Biblical theory and share ideas.

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