Understanding (And Choosing From) Our Cognate Courses

Understanding (And Choosing From) Our Cognate Courses

In order to cater to our diverse and ever-growing student population, Faulkner University is proud to offer a diverse selection of educational programs. But while many programs offer precisely specialized education, cognates provide an opportunity to expand your expertise even further. Uncertain what cognate courses entail? Let’s explore how the term applies to education.

What Is a Cognate in Education?

When it comes to higher education, the term “cognate” is nearly synonymous with “specialty.” Not unlike a minor, choosing a cognate means that you’ll work your way through a number of courses concerning a specific subject in addition to your core curriculum. This allows you to develop a unique skill set that may help set you apart from your peers when it comes time to enter the job force. Depending on your major and your educational institution, you may explore a single cognate or several throughout the course of your education. Oftentimes, cognate courses are a key component of a curriculum’s online graduate degree requirements.

What Cognates Are Available at Faulkner University?

Faulkner University offers several degree programs that involve the selection of cognates. For example, those who pursue informatics – which is the study of technology as it relates to the access, management and use of information – have the opportunity to choose between 10 different cognates, including such fields as business, counseling, criminal justice, English and sports management. Taking cognate courses in these areas can help showcase a breadth of knowledge that could give you an advantage in a competitive job market.

Additionally, many of our programs include areas of emphasis, which are quite similar to cognates in that they help direct your overall course of study. Examples in this realm may include a business curriculum with a health administration emphasis, a humanities curriculum with a literature emphasis and much more.

When it comes time to choose a cognate or an emphasis, your decision ultimately depends on your interests. Selecting cognates that fall in line with your academic passions can help make it that much easier to earn a position in your dream field.

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