Lend a Helping Hand with a Health and Rehabilitation Psychology Degree

Lend a Helping Hand with a Health and Rehabilitation Psychology Degree

A unique offering among Faulkner University’s list of online education programs, the Bachelor of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from Social Psychology to Medical Terminology. Once you’ve obtained your degree, you’ll be well on your way to a fruitful career spent aiding those with chronic ailments or disabilities. Interested in the opportunities available to this program’s graduates? Read on to learn more.

How Can You Help with a Health and Rehabilitation Psychology Degree?

While many psychology-oriented positions require additional schooling and licensure, the field is still full of appealing opportunities for graduates with a bachelor’s degree seeking to create a better quality of life for the needful. Positions in the health and rehabilitation psychology field can often be found at:

  • Hospitals – Health and rehabilitation psychology professionals are nearly always required in hospitals, especially in specialized locations, such as acute care and Veteran’s Administration facilities.
  • Physical rehabilitation centers – Whether you’re looking for a specialized position or something more general, physical rehabilitation centers present a clear opportunity for program graduates to help enhance the lives of patients.
  • Sports injury centers – Recovering athletes often need professional assistance to bounce back from game-day accidents and get mentally back on track. There’s no better person to provide this sort of help than a health and rehabilitation psychology professional.
  • Mental health facilities – Although many rehabilitation professionals assist patients with physical disabilities or diseases, it is equally important to focus on mental health needs, and the interaction between the mind and body. Graduates looking for careers in health and rehabilitation will find the holistic perspective which focuses on both the physical and mental integrated into Faulkner’s curriculum especially helpful.

Study Health and Rehabilitation Psychology Online at Faulkner University

Offering broad yet thorough curricula designed around a faith-based foundation, Faulkner University’s online degrees are perfectly suited for the working professional seeking an education that fits into their busy lifestyle. Get in touch to learn more, or start now by applying online.