Going to School and Parenting Made Easier

Going to School and Parenting Made Easier

While most parents complete their education before starting a family, it doesn’t always work out that way, for various reasons. Did you know that when former president George W. Bush was born in 1946 his father was an undergraduate at Yale University? Bush Sr. was quite possibly the first non-traditional student to achieve the presidency, and to have a son to accomplish the same thing.

Today, more and more adults are returning to school to further their education and help them to become more competitive in today’s job market. Traditional class scheduling can be a nightmare for a working parent. Online education has become a popular option. Faulkner University offers terrific online education options. They offer resources to help in the admissions process.

There are many reasons why online education works. A crucial one is that it gives parents flexibility they need to juggle work, school, and parenting responsibilities.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than twenty percent of all undergraduates are parents. About 75 percent of those students also work.

Online classes, such as those offered by Faulkner University’s online program, offer parents the ability to attend class after the children are in bed, while they are in school, or on weekends – at the student’s convenience. For many parents, finding good childcare so a parent can attend a traditional class can be a huge challenge, even if classes are available at night. However, an online class can be taken in the family room, making the parent available if the child sleeping in her room wakes up, for instance.

Motivation can sometimes be hard for a student who has to work, but by utilizing online education parents gain added incentive to do well in school. Most understand their time-management challenges with going to school and parenting are worth it to provide a better life for their children. Children benefit from seeing parents working hard to be educated.

Faulkner University’s many online degree options provide flexible scheduling options for busy working parents. Professors are sensitive to the needs of student parents, and offer individualized help. Students in the online education program also have access to many of the school’s resources, for example, the convenience of ordering books from the online bookstore. Degrees offered range from associate degrees to Ph.D.’s. Financial aid is also available, with additional aid available to active-duty members of the military and veterans.

Finally, and importantly, Faulkner University emphasizes the education of the whole person, from a Christian perspective. Their online education programs are a great way to further one’s career, and be a responsible parent.