An Online Student’s Guide to Technical Difficulties

An Online Student’s Guide to Technical Difficulties

As an online student, your computer is your lifeline. It grants you access not only to the coursework you’re required to complete, but to a great deal of information than can help you succeed as you complete it. But even the best computer isn’t immune to technical issues, and while it’s rare, a Faulkner University site outage could set you back even when your device is working.

Wondering how to deal with computer troubles and other technical issues when you’re studying online? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you stay productive and deal with tech emergencies when they arise.

  1. Start by contacting your professor.
    If your computer isn’t working properly, it’s likely worth shooting your professor an email from your smartphone (or a call from your landline) to let them know about the issues. Conditions vary, but many professors can accommodate you depending on your situation. At the very least, this gives you an opportunity to explain any missed deadlines that may occur due to your situation.
  2. Visit your local library.
    Still struggling to get your computer up and running? Most libraries offer computers for public use. Drop by your local library and take a look around, and you might hit the jackpot and find an open PC. In addition to conveniently accessible computers, many libraries also deliver the added benefit of a quiet, comfortable environment, which could help you concentrate as you complete your assignments.
  3. Can’t find a computer? Try a smartphone or tablet in the meantime.
    If there’s no library nearby, consider using your (or a family member’s) smartphone or tablet. These devices’ smaller screens may not lend themselves to ease of use, but should tide you over until your PC is fixed. Plus, most smartphones and tablets are compatible with keyboard accessories, which can help make typing out essays and discussion responses that much easier.
  4. Contact your school’s help desk.
    While personal computer issues aren’t uncommon, problems can occasionally arise with your school email or online education software, too. Fortunately, most universities have hotlines where you can seek general technological assistance. For online class help at Faulkner University, contact our help desk online or by phone at 334-386-7171.

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