3 Tips for Making Your Group Project a Success

3 Tips for Making Your Group Project a Success

Every single student is different. It might seem like a simple concept, but it’s a truth that can prove especially important when it comes time to engage in group projects in college. While the opportunity to work with others can be an immersive learning experience, it’s certainly not without its challenges. Here are few ways to help your group project go off without a hitch.

  1. Identify clear roles for each member of the group.
    One way to stimulate productivity during group projects in college is by determining from the get-go for what each member of the group is responsible. This not only helps the project remain organized, but ensures that each group member plays a valued role, too, which may promote enthusiasm and communication.
  2. Set a clear schedule.
    After you’ve determined which duties are assigned to each member of the team, try to set a concrete, fleshed-out schedule that includes meeting times, due dates for certain portions of the assignment and any other necessary events. This helps set expectations for every single member of the group and allows members who can’t complete their work for one reason or another to alert the rest of the team ahead of time.
  3. Don’t hold back.
    Aside from a thorough schedule and clear roles, another thing that every successful group has in common is that its members communicate openly with one another. Struggling with a certain portion of the assignment? Ask your fellow members for help. Think a change in approach would yield better results? Let your group know. There’s little to be gained by keeping potentially beneficial ideas to yourself – just be sure to present them in a considerate manner, and accept input from the rest of the team with an open mind.

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