Four Easy Tips to Help Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

Four Easy Tips to Help Create the Perfect Study Space at Home

Online education has many conveniences. Students can balance their work and class schedules while continuing to take care of their families. As a faith-based institution, Faulkner University understands this, and our faculty and staff do what they can to help each student earn their degree. However, there can be challenges to finding the ideal work environment at home. Studying at home can be distracting and can make even the simplest assignments tough to complete on time. Here are a few tips to help you set up the perfect workspace.

Find a Quiet Area

The living room may seem like an ideal place to work, but it’s also one of the most frequented rooms in a home. Whether a student pursuing an online education lives with roommates or a family, it’s essential to find a quiet space to study. Set up a desk in a bedroom or other rarely used space in the home.

Think About Ergonomics

Study sessions can be long, and sitting in an uncomfortable chair may do more harm than good. Comfort is key when learning new information. Find an ergonomic office chair with good back support and use a proper desk. Studying on a bed may have worked in high school, but a desk makes it easier to spread notebooks, computers, and textbooks out for easy viewing. Best of all, sitting at a desk will reduce the amount of muscle stiffness, backaches, and fatigue commonly associated with studying.

Lighting Matters

Good lighting is a must. The last thing anyone should want in a study area is dim lighting. Low light strains the eyes, so try to set up a desk where there’s plenty of natural light. If natural light is hard to come by, add several lamps to the room.

Get a Plant

While desk decorations may seem like unnecessary additions to an already crowded work surface, they can make studying more pleasant. In fact, researchers suggest that houseplants can improve focus, boost attention span, and improve indoor air quality.

Faulkner University wants every student to feel prepared and successful as they earn their degree. As a Christian university, Faulkner combines faith-based learning with excellent online courses taught by faculty who truly care about their students. Make the most of an online education and enroll at Faulkner today.