Four Reasons to Earn a BS in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology from Faulkner University

Four Reasons to Earn a BS in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology from Faulkner University

In addition to being a non-profit institution dedicated to Christian learning, Faulkner University is proud to be a leader in online education. Discover four reasons why earning an online Bachelor of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology from Faulkner University is a great choice for a rewarding career.

Make a Living Helping Others

Helping one’s neighbors is a key tenet of Christian teachings, and Health and Rehabilitation Psychology offers the perfect way to earn a comfortable living while engaging in altruism. Psychologists with this specialty focus on making life better for everyone from injured athletes to hospital patients to children with learning or social disabilities. It’s a rewarding career path that uses psychological science to improve society and to help individuals achieve a better quality of life.

Work in a Wide Variety of Settings

Health and Rehabilitation Psychology covers a broad spectrum of knowledge about how the mind and body work together; therefore, a broad spectrum of jobs are available to psychologists with this degree. Common work settings include hospitals, clinics, and physical rehabilitation centers, but they also include classrooms, sports complexes, and academia. Especially for those working in the ever-changing healthcare industry, numerous opportunities are available for geographical relocation and upward mobility.

Enjoy a Social Career

While many fields, such as freelance journalism or online education, are moving more and more toward working remotely, Health and Rehabilitation Psychology still relies on face-to-face communication. From working one-on-one with patients and clients to collaborating with other scientists, therapists, and academics in the field, this type of psychology is a great fit for social professionals who enjoy seeing the effects of their hard work in person.

Study at a Top Online Christian University

Faulkner University’s online Bachelor of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology is the perfect stepping stone for students seeking a career in this field. Like all of the university’s online education programs, the course schedule is flexible so that students can balance their studies with family or work. The degree also covers a wide range of engaging topics, including Christian Literacy, Composition and Literature, Biology, and Psychology. To start toward a career in Health and Rehabilitation Psychology, learn more about the program today.