Get Your Online Biblical Studies PhD

Get Your Online Biblical Studies PhD

In a continually evolving world, achieving your degree is becoming easier than ever – and with the increasing availability of online degree programs, there’s no better time to commit yourself to educational pursuits. At Faulkner University, we strive to incorporate our dedication to and knowledge of God’s Word into each and every element of education. With our online theological degree programs, fusing your schooling with your commitment to a Christian life is an easily attainable goal.

How It Works

Furthering your education on campus is not always feasible. No matter your circumstances, online courses are designed to accommodate your schedule, ensuring that you’re able to accomplish your work while allowing ample opportunity to juggle other commitments, such as family or work obligations.

Faulkner University’s online Biblical studies degrees are crafted with this sort of framework, and the coursework is designed not only to prepare you for a successful career of church involvement, but for post-degree research, additional Biblical education and more. These programs will help shape your view of God’s Word while refining your sense of morality and ethics in a way that reflects our unyielding Christian heritage.

Faulkner offers both a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies. When pursuing the former, you’ll be immersed in a curriculum that features a strong core with a notable Biblical emphasis and courses that cover topics ranging from Biblical interpretation to theology concerning both the New and Old Testaments.

Faulkner’s Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies program seeks to push you even further along the path toward a fulfilling – and highly informed – academic and spiritual life. Consisting of a number of core courses, various textual seminars and, ultimately, a dissertation on a student-chosen topic, this program allows students unable to attend class on-campus to climb their way to the highest rung of education without sacrificing quality.

Looking Toward The Future

Once you have your degree in hand, the next step is deciding how to make the best of your education – and there are many possibilities. Be sure to take stock of all of the available options before diving into your new career. Consider a few of the following pursuits:

  • Education – With a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies under your belt, you’re marked as an expert in your field for life. One way to utilize this proficiency is by educating others who aspire to pursue Biblical education.
  • Ministry – Another viable path for a Biblical studies graduate is within the ministerial field. Whether you seek a position as a minister or as the religious education coordinator for a particular congregation, your comprehensive Biblical education is sure to be put to good use.

Apply Today

By now, you’re almost certainly thinking theology – so take the next step and apply, or browse Faulkner University’s online degree programs to learn more about your options.