Digital Media Degree Led By ESPN’s Tommie Lee Washington Coming to Faulkner Fall 2024

Digital Media Degree Led By ESPN’s Tommie Lee Washington Coming to Faulkner Fall 2024

Tommie Lee Washington, in front of ESPN monitors, is coming to lead Faulkner's new digital media degree.
Tommie Lee Washington

A brand-new degree in digital media is coming to Faulkner in fall 2024 and will be led by none other than ESPN’s Tommie Lee Washington, the man who revolutionized the sports entertainment network with its iconic motion media and dynamic graphics.

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media will be offered to students in August 2024. Students can apply now at to be a part of this exciting new program.

Tommie Lee Washington is an Emmy Award winning graphic designer and a 3D animator, who has been working in graphic design and motion media for over 35 years. In his 30th year, Tommie recently retired from ESPN as a Senior Animator for the SEC Network. Prior to ESPN, Tommie worked as an Art Director for music videos and infomercials. He once owned his own design company, specializing in scoreboard animation with clients including the Philadelphia Phillies, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Philadelphia Flyers.

The new degree plan, developed by Washington, will not only incorporate state-of-the-art 3D Animation and Motion Graphics, but also feature Gaming, Video Editing, and Print Design. It will be a blend of marketing, computer science, and web development and user experience design, as well.

The area of media arts and digital media can be found in film, television, video games, podcasts, websites, advertising, social media and so much more.

“Motion Graphics is not the extent of the influence Digital Media has on our culture,” said Washington. “We walk into our local grocery store and see thousands of products, each having a product package or label that has been designed by someone. We wear clothing with graphic prints, read books and magazines that were illustrated and composed by graphic artists, and are taught by sophisticated 3D animations and edited videos. Every business and company in the world has a brand identity package and corporate literature that has to be laid out and designed by someone.”

That is what Tommie Lee Washington is setting out to do – teach Christ-minded people to be world-class professionals in the media arts industry.

Students who enroll will be able to find lucrative career opportunities in the field of media design and will provide graduates with exciting career opportunities in digital marketing where they can present their God-given talent in the film, TV, print, web, corporate, medical and gaming industries.

Students who are interested in Faulkner’s new degree can apply now at

More about Tommie Lee Washington III

In 1994, Tommie was hired by ESPN as a Graphic Designer 1, where he began producing graphics for various studio Shows like SportsCenter, NFL Gameday, and RPM Tonight. He received an Emmy Award for his work on SportsCenter.

In 1996, He was selected to be Lead Designer to design ESPNEWS. It was then that he took the initiative to learn 3D animation software on his own and became the first in-house employee to create a 3D animation that would air on an ESPN network. It was the ESPNEWS Station ID.

He continued to be an innovator by creating the first animated over-the-shoulder graphic, first full-screens with a moving background, and first virtual reality set for Outside The Lines. He was also instrumental in designing the first 3D animated clock and score bug for remote production.

In 2007 he became Senior Animator at ESPN’s Charlotte office, and was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Live Graphic Design” on ESPN’s SEC Network.

Washington is the first formally trained, black designer to work at ESPN and was the only one from ESPN’s inception to 2007. In efforts to give back to aspiring designers, he created the ESPN Creative Studio Speaker Series in association with Disney On The Yard. Mr. Washington is a mentor to many and was recently an Adjunct Professor for Alabama State University, Oklahoma State University, Southern New Hampshire University, and Liberty University, where he taught Graphic Design and Motion Media online.

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