Learning While Working: Earn A Master’s Degree!

Learning While Working: Earn A Master’s Degree!

Many people change careers at least once in their lives. In order to change a career, furthering one’s education is essential. Yet, many students need their current jobs to fund their education. How does one find the time to go to college while keeping an existing job? Our online master’s programs are a time-efficient and effective way to get a great education while continuing to earn money. Here are some ways an online degree is the best first step when switching careers.


As a working professional, it can sometimes be difficult to network and meet new people. Enrolling in an online program can open up a wide range of new possibilities, including connecting with other students from around the world, and with different backgrounds and professional experiences. Being exposed to differing viewpoints in your academic career will undoubtedly afford you a broader perspective during your professional life as well.

Use Current Skills To Hone New Ones

Choosing a new career while currently working in a field puts one at an academic advantage. Instead of blindly jumping into a new career, using the skills learned at a current job will be a beneficial start to a career change. As a professional and a student, you have the flexibility of focusing on the skills you know you will need in your field. Our online master’s programs are designed to combine already learned skills with new ones.

Mastering The Clock

Few people have the luxury of being able to quit their current job to pursue a new degree and career. With online programs, students don’t have to worry about losing income in order to further their education. When choosing an online master’s program, all one needs is a good computer and access to the Internet to complete coursework. Most online classes allow students to incorporate learning into their existing schedules. This makes balancing work and family time with school not only easy but customizable for each student.

Starting A New Career

If a new career is in the cards, but time and money are concerns, considering an online master’s program with Faulkner University could be a cost and time efficient choice. We provide the same great education that one receives in our traditional programs. It only takes a few clicks to find the perfect fit among our online master’s programs!