Legal Studies Transfer Policy

Transfer of Legal Specialty Courses

Generally, legal specialty courses are those courses that cover a specific area of law or procedure. It is the policy of the Legal Studies Program to accept no more than the equivalent of fifty-percent of legal specialty courses. Legal specialty transfer credits may be considered from regionally accredited institutions provided the student completes the following procedure:

  1. The student must meet with the Legal Studies Director and provide the Director with a copy of the transcript listing the particular legal specialty course with a grade of “C” or better, the date the course was taken, and the number of credits earned for the course.
  2. The student must also provide a course syllabus or other acceptable documentation (course assignments, student work product) and be able to discuss specific paralegal skills acquired throughout the course. The Legal Studies Director may accept transfer credit for the course if it is determined that the course in question is sufficiently similar to one offered as part of the ABA-approved Faulkner University Legal Studies curriculum.

Strong preference is given to those courses taken from an ABA-approved paralegal program. The Faulkner University Legal Studies Program does not accept professional work experience, CLEP credit, paralegal or legal assistant certifications, CEUs, or the 131 equivalent as transfer credit for legal specialty courses. Additionally, all Legal Studies students must complete a minimum of 10 semester hours of legal specialty course work in the traditional classroom environment; therefore, the number of on-line legal specialty courses subject to transfer may be limited in order to satisfy this requirement. This transfer policy includes any and all legal specialty courses taken at any institution including any Faulkner University campus offering a non-ABA approved program.