Faulkner University to Add Computer Engineering Degree in Fall 2024

Faulkner University to Add Computer Engineering Degree in Fall 2024

Mike Herridge, right, speaks with WSFA news crew about Faulkner's new Computer Engineering degree inside the new computer science department.
Mike Herridge, right, speaks with WSFA news crew about Faulkner’s new degree.

Computer engineering is coming to Faulkner in fall 2024 as the university officially adds to its offerings one of the most “in-demand” degrees according to

Faulkner’s brand-new Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering will be added to the university’s ever-popular computer science department, which for the last six years has boasted 100 percent job-placement for it’s graduates.

Computer engineering will fuse computer science and electrical engineering to equip students with the skills employers are looking for, ensuring they’re ready to bridge the gap between programming and the real world.

Some common employers for computer engineers are Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, Telsa, SpaceX, General Motors, and Cummins.

With a grounding in Christian perspectives and morals, students gain preparation for careers in:

• Space exploration design and control

• Robotic design and application

• Automotive Controls

• Human to Technology Interfacing like Alexa or Hey Google

• Industrial Process Control

“After graduating from our program, students with a computer engineering degree will be able to marry software with hardware. They’ll be prepared to write desktop applications, develop software, create hardware as well as control and develop the programs and components that run planes, cars and rockets,” said Mike Herridge, chair of the computer science department. “Overall, our students from the department of computer science at Faulkner are ready to create and maintain any consumer-facing or back-end applications for industry and business. Today, every industry requires a computer expert at the heart of its business.”

Technology is growing, changing and expanding rapidly.  Technology needs problem solvers and innovators. Those students who enjoy the challenge of solving problems, creating new ways of doing things, or staying on top of the latest technology, then Faulkner’s Computer Science Department is the place to be.

The Computer Science Department of Faulkner University is hands-on with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of programming, hardware and software. Students will learn from instructors who work in the field and can advise on what is needed to know to be valuable in the industry.

Students who are interested in Faulkner’s new degree can apply now at