5 Essential Resources for the Online College Student

5 Essential Resources for the Online College Student

One significant advantage of studying online is that most of your course materials can be accessed right in one place, which can help save both money and time. But while most universities offer access to the materials you need through their online education platforms, there are several other resources that can help make your education easier. Here are 5 must-have online college resources Faulkner University suggests for students interested making the most of their studies.

  1. Your local library.
    Most courses have their own list of required textbooks, but your local library likely features a variety of books related to your course of education. If you’re ever stuck on a project or struggling to find inspiration for a research paper, don’t hesitate to step into your library to search for resources that could help spark your creativity or offer valuable insight on a topic you’re struggling with. While you’re there, reach out to the research librarian – he or she will be happy to guide you toward helpful information.
  2. General school supplies.
    It’s true that most online courses let you submit work entirely online, but that’s not to say you can’t benefit from a range of basic school supplies. Start by stocking up on writing utensils and notebooks, which can help organize your thoughts before approaching your coursework. You should also consider sticky notes, which can come in handy if you need to mark your location in a physical textbook or even map out your ideas in a visual way. Round out your supplies list with a flash drive, where you can back up your schoolwork for easy access on another computer in case yours malfunctions.
  3. Cloud technology.
    Not interested in carrying around a flash drive? Cloud technology is an especially helpful innovation that can benefit any online student. These programs, which include Apple’s iCloud and Google Drive, allow you to back up your files online, so they’re available 24/7 by simply logging into your account on any computer. Sharing functionality makes these platforms especially helpful for group projects as well.
  4. A scheduling tool.
    Whether you prefer a physical calendar, a planner or a scheduling app on your smartphone, using some sort of scheduling tool can make it significantly easier to remember which assignments are due when. Your school’s online education platform may offer a similar feature, but these options make it easier to refresh your memory when you’re not at a PC.
  5. Mobile apps.
    Because smartphones are now a fundamental part of everyday society, there are a wide variety of apps that can likely help out with your online studies. Some apps, for example, offer access to information that may relate to your course of study. Others provide useful study functions, like digital note cards or dictation services that translate your voice into text for easier note-taking.

Get Started

Though every student’s needs are different, these five resources offer a solid foundation for entry into the world of online education. Begin your studies by applying for an online program at Faulkner University today.