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Applying for a job

How do I apply for a position with Faulkner University?

To apply for a position and view position announcements, you will need to visit Current Openings.

Can I apply in person?

Applicants can visit the office of Human Resources Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to seek assistance during the application process, however all applicants will be required to complete the online application process by visiting Current Openings.

Does Faulkner accept unsolicited applications or résumés?

No. Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to accept unsolicited applications or résumés. In an effort to be efficient and fair to all, we require that all job applicants go to Current Openings to apply for open positions.

How do I know if my online application has been received?

When you submit your application online, you will receive an automatic confirmation email message that notifies you that the application was submitted successfully. You will receive additional emails after your application has been reviewed to inform you of additional information or documents that are required to complete your application.

How can I check the status of my application?

Please feel free to contact Human Resources at or 334-386-7230. Please understand the recruiting process takes time with many variables contributing to each individual search.

Who can I contact if I have technical difficulties applying online?

Please contact Human Resources at or 334-386-7230.

How many different jobs can I apply for?

Our Current Openings portal allows you to apply for multiple positions at the same time. We encourage you to review the position openings and apply only for those which most closely match your skills and qualifications.

Some jobs have been posted for a very long time. How can I be sure that a job is really still available?

All jobs that are posted online are open positions for which we are currently accepting applications. Even if you have seen a job out there for some time, the job announcement is still active. Our online list is always up-to-date.

I saw a job online yesterday and went to apply for it today, but it isn’t listed anymore. Can I still send my résumé?

No. If the position is no longer posted online, we are no longer accepting applications for that position.

Medical, dental and voluntary benefits

I was recently hired. When is my insurance coverage effective?

Medical and Dental coverage is effective the first day following your 60 day waiting period. For Flexible Spending, University Paid Life and all voluntary insurance products which includes Vision, coverage is effective the first of the month following your first 60 days of employment.

If I elect medical coverage, can my spouse be on my plan?

Yes, your spouse can be covered on your medical plan. However, if your spouse has access to a medical plan through an employer other than Faulkner, an extra fee will be applied to your normal monthly premium.

Can I cover my dependents on dental and/or vision even if they are not covered on my medical plan?

Yes, they can be covered.

Does the Spouse Surcharge apply to the dental and vision premiums?

No, the additional premium/surcharge for covering your spouse that has insurance available to them with their employer, only applies to the medical plan.

When I sign up for a medical plan, am I automatically enrolled in a prescription plan?

Yes, the prescription benefit is combined with the medical plan. It is a Point-of-Sale program where prescriptions will be covered at 80% after the calendar year deductible is met.

Does the dental plan cover preventive services (i.e. routine cleanings, bite-wing X-rays, full mouth X-rays, etc.) from In-Network and Out-of-Network providers at 100%?

Yes, for In-Network providers. For out-of-network providers in Alabama, payments for covered services will be made according to the dental network fee schedule at the same level as in-network services; however, you may be responsible for the difference between the Blue Cross payment and the dentist’s charge (plus any deductible and coinsurance.) You may also have to file the claim if your dentist’s office will not.

What happens if I miss the deadline to enroll in Faulkner’s benefit program?

If you do not make your benefit elections within the required timeframe after your date of hire, you will not be able to enroll unless you have a qualifying event. If you do not have a qualifying event, your next opportunity to enroll would be during the next Annual Open Enrollment period, held each September, for coverage to begin in November.

Do I have to re-elect to participate in Faulkner’s benefit program each year?

Annual re-enrollment is only required for the Flexible Spending Account.

Following the Annual Benefits Enrollment period, will I receive new medical and dental ID cards?

If you made no changes, your same cards will still be used. If you did make changes or added new coverage you will receive new cards.

How do I request replacement or additional ID cards for me or members of my family?

You can log onto the BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama website at or call them at 1-855-525-7283. Or you may email for assistance.

If my spouse gets a new job, am I able to drop coverage for myself and my dependents and go on my spouse’s plan?

Yes, this is considered a qualifying event and the change has to be made within 30 days of your spouse’s eligibility date with their employer’s plan.

How can I tell if my doctor or hospital is in the Faulkner Provider Network?

You can log onto and search by doctor name or pick from a list.

Retirement benefits

When can I participate in the retirement plan?

Eligible employees can enroll upon their hire date for personal contributions to the University’s retirement plan.

How do I enroll in the university’s retirement plan?

There are two steps to enroll: 1st – complete the enrollment process with the selected fund sponsor; 2nd – complete and submit the “Salary Reduction Agreement” to Human Resources indicating the amount you wish to contribute monthly.

Who are the University’s Retirement Fund Sponsors?

The University has two retirement fund sponsors – Transamerica and TIAA.

How much can I contribute?

Monthly contributions are based upon a percentage of your salary. Annual contribution limits are set by the IRS. Check with HR for more information.

Once I set my retirement contribution percentage, am I locked in at that amount?

No, you can change the percentage of your contribution at any time.

Am I allowed to rollover retirement funds from my previous employer?

Yes! You may email for assistance.

If I leave Faulkner for any reason, can I leave my money in Faulkner’s 403(b) Retirement Plan?

Your account can remain with Faulkner however, if your balance is less than $1,000 you will automatically receive a distribution of those funds.

Flexible spending account

What is a Flexible Spending Account?

The Flexible Spending Account allows employees to set aside a portion of their paycheck on a pre-tax basis to pay for certain out-of-pocket medical and dependent care expenses.

How do I deposit funds into my FSA?

Based on the amount you elect during open enrollment, a monthly payroll deduction will be applied and the funds deducted will be deposited into your FSA account by Human Resources.

Can I use the funds in my FSA to pay medical expenses for my spouse and/or my dependent child(ren)?


Can I use my “FLEX” card for both Health Care FSA and Dependent Day Care FSA expenses?

Yes, if you have elected both, your amounts for both benefits will all be loaded to the one card.

How do I get a new or additional card for myself or my dependents?

You will need to send a request by email to There is a fee of $5.00 per card.

I have re-enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account for the new plan year. When will my new funds be available?

The new plan year starts November 1st and your new funds will be available on that day.

Will I automatically get a new “FLEX” card each new plan year?

No. All returning FSA participants will not receive a new card. You can continue to use your current card.

I did not originally sign-up to have my FSA reimbursements to be direct deposited, but would like to now. How can I do this?

You would need to provide a voided check to BeneTech Administrators.

Tuition Assistance

What is the Tuition Assistance Program?

Tuition assistance is offered to regular, full time employees of the University for their self, spouses or dependent children based on their length of service.

Is there a waiting period to participate in Tuition Assistance Program?

The waiting period for undergraduate programs is 6 months; the waiting period for a Master’s program is 1 year.

What is the first step for me to consider when using the Tuition Assistance Program?

An employee seeking Tuition Assistance for themselves or a dependent should review Policy 210- Tuition Assistance, then complete the Employee Tuition Assistance Application (found on the P-drive). Completed form is then submitted to HR for verification.

When do I submit my documents for tuition assistance?

The Employee Tuition Assistance Application should be completed and turned in to Human Resources at the beginning of each school year during the registration process.

What number may I call to ask additional questions regarding the Tuition Assistance?

Contact Human Resources at 334-386-7230 or email

Payroll and tax questions

Who processes payroll, where are they located and what are their hours of operation?

The payroll department is located within Human Resources in the Harris Business Building, suite 202A and is open from 8 until 5 each day (open during lunch).

When will I be paid?

Regular employees are paid on the 1st day of each month. If the 1st is a holiday or falls on the weekend, the payroll will be released on the next business day. Direct deposit slips are sent to your Faulkner email account 1-2 days prior to the actual pay day. Paper checks are released through each department’s secretary.

Adjunct instructors and students have different pay dates. Contact your supervisor for more information.

What deductions can I expect to come out of my paycheck?

Deductions include involuntary deductions such as federal, state, Medicare, and Social Security taxes and garnishments, when applicable. You will also see deductions for the benefits you elect, such as medical and dental insurance, retirement contributions and other insurance products.

Is direct deposit required for all Faulkner University employees?

Yes, all new regular employees must complete and submit the Direct Deposit Form when they complete all other initial employment forms.

Student employees, including Federal Work Study students, are also allowed to be paid via direct deposit. Visit the HR office to sign up.

Adjuncts are paid by paper check; these will be mailed by the department secretary once all grades and class materials have been submitted.

I did not turn in my direct deposit information on time and a paper check was issued for me. How do I receive my check?

Checks for regular employees and adjuncts are released through their department secretary. Work study students pick up their checks in the Student Accounts Office.

What if my salary or hours are incorrect on my check?

Please contact the HR office for assistance. If more research is needed, Payroll will contact others for assistance in resolving the problem.

I turned in new tax or direct deposit forms. When will they be effective?

Changes affecting the payroll must be received by the payroll deadline that is posted in the Human Resources folder on the P-Drive. Changes involving direct deposit (changing of bank & accounts) must be received in Payroll by the 15th of the month.

Can I change my tax or direct deposit information online?

No, you must submit a paper form to HR by the deadlines mentioned above.

Where can I see my salary?

Your monthly rate is shown on your paper check or direct deposit receipt. For your annual salary, contact your immediate supervisor or email for this information.

How do I update the address where my W2 should be mailed?

You can find the Request for Change of Address form in the Human Resources folder on the P-Drive. The completed form can be e-mailed to the HR office.

Can I receive my W2 online?

No. Paper W2s are released near the end of January. You will be given an opportunity to pick it up in person from the HR office a few days before they are sent to the mailroom.

How do I request a duplicate copy of my W2?

A duplicate copy can be requested by completing the Request for Duplicate W2 form that is posted in the Human Resources folder on the P-Drive.

Can I get an advance on my salary for financial hardship?

Faulkner University allows an employee to request a maximum of 2 payroll advances per year for certain reasons. Please refer to the Policy 155- Payroll Advance that is posted in the UPM – University Policy Manual on the P-Drive.

Family and medical leave (FMLA)

What is FMLA leave?

FMLA is a federal law requiring covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to eligible employees. FMLA is intended to provide job and benefit protection for eligible employees who must take leave for specified family and medical reasons.

How are employees paid during FMLA leave?

You may elect to use annual and sick leave, short term disability, or leave without pay.

What is the difference between continuous and intermittent FMLA leave?

A continuous leave would be when all days for one leave purpose are taken consecutively or all at once. FMLA leave does not have to be taken in a single continuous period. In most circumstances, employees eligible for FMLA leave may take such leave intermittently – in separate blocks of time rather than on a single occasion for a single qualifying reason. If intermittent leave is advised by an employee’s healthcare provider, a medical certification would need to include pertinent details on the nature of the leave.

Which employees are eligible to take FMLA leave?

    • Employees who have been employed by the University a total of at least 12 months;
    • Employees who have worked for at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period immediately preceding the start of the leave; and
    • Employees who work at a worksite that has 50 or more employees within 75 miles of that location.

Do employees have to give their supervisors medical records for FMLA or medical leave?

No, employees do not have to provide medical records to their supervisor. For any leave taken due to a serious health condition, an employee must provide a medical certification confirming that a serious health condition exists. The medical certification should be faxed directly to Human Resources. The medical information will not be shared with the employee’s supervisor.

Employee relations

What expectations does Faulkner have in regards to conduct of their employees?

The University has certain commitments with regard to religious and moral issues. Policy 350- Standards of Conduct outlines the specific expectations for our faculty and staff.

What rights does an employee have if they receive a negative performance review or any type of corrective action?

An employee is always strongly encouraged to discuss any disciplinary actions with their supervisor. An employee who does not agree with their performance review assessment should discuss it with their supervisor during or after the review discussion. The employee may provide a written response to be included with their performance review. An employee who does not feel comfortable taking their concerns to their supervisor may go up their supervisory chain to the level where they are comfortable voicing their concerns. Employees may also meet with the Vice President for Human Resources to discuss any workplace issues.

If I have witnessed someone being harassed or have personally been harassed in the workplace, who should I contact?

Employees who believe they have been victims of sexual harassment or other harassment should report this to their immediate supervisor. If the complaint involves the immediate supervisor, the employee should contact their next higher level of supervision. In lieu of or in addition to notification of a supervisor, any University employee may contact the Vice President for Human Resources directly to register a complaint or receive advice.

If I have reason to believe or reasonably suspect that a University employee has acted in a manner contrary to any law or established university policy, what should I do?

You can report the action or event, providing your identity or anonymously, under the guidelines of Policy 356- Whistleblower Protection without fear of reprisal or retaliation.

I am having problems with a coworker or my supervisor and would like to consult with someone confidentially. Who can I contact?

The Vice President for Human Resources is always available to assist employees in any way. You may email her to set up an appointment at or you may call her office to set-up an appointment: 334-386-7230.

Am I allowed to bring my firearm to work?

You are not allowed to carry any firearm while on campus but may have a firearm in your locked vehicle only under the specific terms and conditions of the law. It is important that you review Policy 357- Firearms in the Workplace in order to know the exact expectations of the university regarding firearms.

Ending my employment

How do I receive my final pay?

Your last check will be a paper check. This check will be released to you on your last working day by mail or you may receive it during your exit interview. Contact email if you have any questions.

If my employment terminates, when does my insurance coverage end?

Your coverage for medical, dental, and flexible spending will end your last day of employment, however medical and dental coverage can be extended through COBRA. University Paid Life and voluntary products differ and may be portable. You will be notified of your options once HR receives your notice of separation.

What is COBRA?

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is part of a federal law that allows employees who separate from employment the right to continue their current health insurance. COBRA provides you with an opportunity to continue coverage for medical and dental for up to 18 months if you had coverage through the Faulkner University health plans.

There are circumstances where coverage may be extended beyond the 18 months:

    • 29 months is available to employees who are determined to have been disabled at any time during the first 60 days of COBRA coverage. This would apply to qualified beneficiaries.
    • Up to 36 months for spouses and dependents facing a loss of employer-provided coverage due to an employee’s death or a divorce.

What do I have to do to get the COBRA benefits?

Upon notification of your termination, the Benefits Coordinator will send you information on how to enroll, and the cost of coverage under COBRA. Typically, you should receive this information during your exit interview with HR.

How long do I have to enroll in COBRA?

You have 60 days after your termination date, or from the date of notification, whichever is later, to complete your enrollment for COBRA continuation coverage.

May I choose to continue one part of my coverage, for example, dental coverage only?

Yes. You may continue any or all of your current coverage.

How do I find out detailed answers concerning my own benefits?

For questions regarding benefits, for example - who is covered under your plan, what plans do you currently have, etc., please contact Human Resources at 334-386-7230 or by email at

Will there be a gap in coverage for me or my dependents if I enroll in COBRA?

No, there is no gap in coverage. Coverage is dated back to the COBRA Qualifying Event date.

I still have Medical or Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account claims that I need to submit. Will I get reimbursed?

Yes, you have 60 days to submit claims for reimbursement that occurred on or before your termination date. Claims must be submitted to BeneTech Administrators.

May I submit claims for services beyond my termination date for my flexible spending account?

No, any services rendered past your date of termination may not be submitted for reimbursement.

What happens to my unused FSA balance?

According to IRS regulations, Dependent Day Care FSA and Medical FSA contributions remaining after your last day of employment will be forfeited (known as the “use it or lose it” rule). However, you will have 60 days after your last day to still submit claims on expenses incurred prior to the last day of employment.

Do I get paid for accrued but unused annual leave hours?

Yes, if you have completed one year of service, have given a two week notice, and did not use any annual leave during the last two weeks of employment – then you will receive an Annual Leave Payout of any accrued annual leave up to 80 hours. This will appear on your last check.

Who do I contact to receive an exit interview?

Please contact Human Resources at 334-386-7230 to schedule your exit interview.

What do I do with my equipment, keys, University ID, etc.?

All laptops, iPads, University ID cards, car decals, and any other Faulkner equipment is owned by Faulkner and must be returned to your supervisor or Human Resources by the last day of employment.

Can I continue to use my Faulkner email after I terminate?

No, all employee accounts are deactivated on the employee’s last day.

If I leave Faulkner for any reason, can I leave my money in the 403(b) Retirement Plan?

Your account can remain with Faulkner however, if your balance is less than $1,000 you will automatically receive a distribution of those funds.

Holiday and paid leave benefits

How many paid holidays do Faulkner employees get?

Faulkner employees receive 16 1/2 paid holidays per year.

What is the holiday schedule?

View the current holiday schedule.

Can I split time between two types of leave on the same day? How do I do it?

You can use both sick and annual leave on the same day. If you are submitting a timesheet, you will put 4A/4S which means you used 4 annual hours and 4 sick hours.

When do I accrue sick and annual leave?

If your date of hire is the 10th of the month or before, you will accrue sick and annual leave your first month of employment. If the date is after the 10th, you will not begin until the next month.

How do I fix a mistake on my leave request?

On the original approved request, edit your information and then resubmit it for your supervisor’s approval.

My accrual rate for annual leave is changing soon. When will my new accrual rate take effect?

Please refer to the chart within Policy 251 - Annual Leave. As an example, if your date of hire was 10/01/18, your rate will increase on 10/01/22, the beginning of your 5th year.

What if I do not have enough annual leave to cover my vacation? Can I use sick hours?

Sick leave cannot be used for annual leave, but annual leave can be used for sick. If you do not have sufficient hours, you will need to submit a Request for Leave Without Pay form. This must be submitted to and approved by your supervisor in advance of the absence and should only be utilized in rare and special circumstances.

W-2 tax statements

What do I do if my address is wrong on my W2?

An incorrect address does not invalidate your W2 and does not require a corrected W2. Of course, we want your valid address in our database for future communications so please contact Human Resources and provide the updated information.

What do I do if my social security number is wrong on my W2?

It is very important that the number is correct. You will need to notify Human Resources so that we can correct the information and provide to you a corrected version of your W2.

What do I do if my name is wrong on my W2?

An error in the spelling of your name does not invalidate your W2 and does not require a corrected W2.  If you have changed your name due to marriage or other circumstances and the name on your W2 does not reflect the name on your social security card, we will need to update your information and provide to you a corrected W2.  In either case, please provide the correct information to Human Resources so that we can update our database.

Why do the year-to-date gross wages on my paycheck not match the Box 1 wages on my W2?

Gross year-to-date wages includes all compensation paid to an employee.  Box 1 reports taxable federal withholding wages that may be different from ‘Total Compensation’.  Box 1 wages = total compensation minus Section 125 deductions minus 403(b) deductions.

What is a ‘Section 125’ deduction?

Under IRS Section 125, the IRS allows for certain employee paid deductions to be excluded from federal taxable wages.  For example: medical, dental, or vision insurance.

What is a 403(b) deduction?

Under IRS Section 403(b), the IRS allows for certain employee paid deductions for the purpose of retirement to be excluded from federal taxable wages.  Also, you can find the total amount you personally contributed to the 403(b) retirement plan in Box 12E.

Why does the amount in Box 1 not match Box 3 and/or Box 5?

Each type of tax has a different definition for taxable wages:

Box 1 = Total Compensation minus Section 125 deductions minus 403(b) deductions.

Box 3 and 5 are each figured the same = Total Compensation minus Section 125 deductions.

Why does Box 3 not match Box 5 (only applicable to some employees)?

Box 3 (Social Security wages) has an annual limit (2013 limit- $113,700) that is set each year.  Box 5 (Medicare Wages) does not have a set limit. Your boxes do not match because your taxable wages were more than the set limit, therefore Box 3 stopped at the limit but Box 5 continued to reflect the full amount of Medicare taxable wages.

What is the amount listed in box 12DD?

Due to the guidelines within the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) we were required to report the cost of health care coverage provided to employees under our employer-sponsored group plan. The total amount reflected includes the portion of the cost paid by Faulkner as well as the cost charged to you. For Faulkner, we are only required to report the medical costs (dental, vision, or other insurance you have payroll deducted is not included).

Keep in mind we are self-funded which means Faulkner also pays for your claims. This is an additional cost that Faulkner has but is not included in the total reflected on your W2 based on the PPACA guidelines for this calculation.

Why does the box next to ‘retirement’ in section 13 contain a checkmark?

A checkmark in this box means you were an active participant in our retirement plan, at any time during the year. This pertains to your personal contributions and contributions made by the university.

How do I request a reprint of my W2 because I did not receive it in the mail, lost it, or accidentally destroyed it?

A duplicate copy can be requested by completing the Request for Duplicate W2 form that is on the Faulkner website.

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