Goodbye Classic Quizzes: What You Need to Know About New Quizzes

Goodbye Classic Quizzes: What You Need to Know About New Quizzes

Although no firm date has been set, Canvas has officially announced the discontinuance of Classic Quizzes. Faulkner Online suggests that you begin migrating your Classic quizzes to New Quizzes soon.  Migrating is fast and easy!

Here are just a few of the exciting features in New Quizzes! 

  • Grade by Question in SpeedGrader
  • More SpeedGrader Access Points
  • Create and Share Item Banks
  • Zero Point Practice Quizzes (Do Not Appear Gradebook)
  • Build on Last Attempt
  • Bulk Migration Course Copy & Import
  • Faster Access to Item Analysis
  • QTI Exporting
  • Item Bank Sharing

How do you know which quiz you are using?

What resources are available to help?

If you are new to New Quizzes, you will find this Canvas webinar helpful: 

Track 1:  New Quizzes for Newbies

For those of you already using New Quizzes, check out this webinar:

Track 2:  New Quizzes for Current Users

The Canvas Community is full of all the information you need to migrate to and use New Quizzes. You can also Click This Link to find the answers to all of your questions about New Quizzes. You will receive an email soon with detailed instructions on migrating to New Quizzes.  As always, your Faulkner Online team is here to help. 

For any questions about migrating to New Quizzes, email