Associate of Science in Liberal Arts

The College of Arts and Sciences emphasizes the importance and versatility of a liberal arts education. The degree allows students to obtain an associate degree but also prepares them for entrance to bachelor degree programs in the university’s various colleges.

Course Requirements

Christian Literacy* 8-12 hours

BI 1211 or BI 1311 Life of Christ (2-3 hours)

BI 1214 or BI 1314 Book of Acts (2-3 hours)

BI 2202 or BI 2302 Pentateuch (2-3 hours)

BI 2203 or BI 2303 Conquest through the Divided Kingdom (2-3 hours)

Cultural Heritage Literacy 12 hours

HU 1310 Western Cultural Heritage I (3 hours)

HU 1320 Western Cultural Heritage II (3 hours)

HU 2310 Western Cultural Heritage III (3 hours)

HY 2320 American Cultural Heritage (3 hours)

Information and Communication Literacy 15 hours

Composition and Literature

EH 1301 English Composition I (3 hours)

EH 1302 English Composition II (3 hours)

Choose one of the following: (3 hours)

EH 2301 Survey of English Literature I or

EH 2303 Survey of American Literature I or

EH 2304 Survey of American Literature II


EH 1303 Speech Communication (3 hours)


Choose one of the following: (3 hours)

CA 1302 Computer Applications or

CS 1305 Computer Programming I or

CSIS 1301 Introduction to Computer and Information Science or

ED 2325 Technology in the Classroom (required for seeking ED degrees)



Mathematical and Scientific Literacy 11 hours


MH 1338 Finite Math (or higher) (3 hours)

Physical Science**

One course from Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics (4 hours)

with companion lab

Natural Science**

One course from Biology (4 hours)

with companion lab

Personal and Social Literacy 7 hours


FASL 1090 Experience in Service Learning I

FASL 2090 Experience in Service Learning II

PE 1300 Lifetime Fitness (3 hours)

One of the following:

FAFE 1111 Freshman Experience (1 hour) or

FATE 2111 Transfer Experience*** (1 hour)

Social Science

Choose one of the following: (3 hours)

BA 2303 Macroeconomics or

CJ 1300 Introduction to Criminal Justice or

COU 2320 Introduction to Counseling or

CSIS 2315 Computers, Ethics, and Society or

INF 2315 Information, Ethics, and Society or

PS 2308 Introduction to American Constitutional Government or

PY 1310 Introduction to Psychology or

SY 2328 Introduction to Sociology

Electives – 11 hours****


Core Curriculum Requirements 52-56 hours

Electives 8-12 hours

Total Hours Required for Graduation 64 hours

*Students who take 2 hour BI classes will have to increase the number of elective hours to obtain the 64 hours needed for the degree.

**Students in adult programs are not required to take the lab courses, thereby reducing the total science requirement from 8 to 6 hours. However, additional elective credits will be required to maintain the 64 hours of credits required for the associate’s degree.

*** All incoming freshmen must complete FAFE 1111. Students transferring more than 12 semester hours will take FATE 2111 in lieu of FAFE 1111. Students in adult programs are not required to take FAFE 1111 or FATE 2111; however, additional elective credits will be required to maintain the 64 hours of credits required for the associate’s degree.

****This number decreases by one hour for each BI course taken as a 3 hour course. Six of these hours must be from the area of mathematics, physical and/or natural science.



Admission Requirements

  • Must be a high school graduate with a regular or advanced diploma or have a GED certificate
  • If out of high school for less than five years, ACT (minimum 18 composite) or SAT (minimum 970) scores are required. ACT or SAT scores are not required for anyone having graduated high school more than five years ago.
  • ACT or SAT scores are not required for transfer applicants with a minimum of 24 transferable hours from a regionally accredited college or university.

To Apply

  • Submit a completed online application.
  • Request official transcripts from all previously attended schools be sent directly to the address below.
    Faulkner University
    4524 Southlake Pkwy
    Hoover, AL 35244



Summer 2019 – Spring 2020

Tuition $310 per semester hour
Eagle I Initiative Fee $100 per semester ($50 if 11 hours or less)
Registration Fee $120 per semester ($60 if 11 hours or less)
Online Course Fee $60 per semester hour
Emergency Response Fee $10 per semester, if at least one course is on campus
Applicable Course Fees see full tuition and fee schedule

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