Computer Usage

Student Computer Network

Students who utilize the Faulkner University Student Computer Network must setup their account online at

Logging In

To access services, type in your login ID and password. Your login ID is composed of your student ID# and the password chosen during registration. You must use only your login ID and password. Do not give your password to anyone else. Violations occurring under your password are your responsibility and may result in loss of computer privileges.


To access Faulkner University’s Student Intranet, double-click the icon for Internet Explorer and type the address: This will open the Faulkner University Student Intranet, which is updated daily with information applicable to Faulkner students. Response time is affected by activity levels on the Internet as well as the volume of students accessing the Internet at a particular time. Please be aware that access to the Internet produces a traceable log file of all sites visited by you, along with the general statistics for system-running and problem-solving.

To access Faulkner University’s Internet site, use an Internet browser and type the address:

Electronic Mail (Email)

Electronic mail is available through your Faulkner Gmail account. You may send email to fellow students as well as all faculty and administrative staff members at Faulkner. Students are NOT to make general announcements to ALL users (main campus or general email groups) without approval from the Dean’s office. Abuse of email may result in a loss of computer privileges. Mail off-campus is also available by accessing an Internet browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and typing the address or simply You will log in with your Faulkner email address, which should be (i.e. if your name is John Smith, your address would be, as well as the password you set it to.

Logging Out

You must log out when you are finished using the computer. To log out, click the START button and then select the LOGOUT option. This will cause a screen prompting for a login ID and password to display. It is also wise to highlight your login name and delete it to prevent another user from trying to guess your password. At this point, you are logged out. If you fail to log out, the next user will have access to your files and all of this person’s activities will appear on your audit trail of activities. This person will also be using your mailbox.

General Information/Account Removal

Each student has access to a home directory on the network server in which to place his/her files *. This directory is accessible only by the student and the network administrator. Please report to the EFC Office any log in or email access problems. When a person is no longer a student at Faulkner, all log in access, email accounts, and home directories will be removed. Note that once your login account has expired, any mail sent to your mailbox will be rejected and returned to the sender.

*Students registered at extension centers or other remote locations will not be provided with a home directory.