Technology Services

Computer Access

Faulkner University students living in a residence hall have several ways of using computer and web-based services. Access is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and offered via the following methods:

Residence Hall Lab

Logging into a dorm PC will enable you to use network resources including email, Internet, printing, and document storage. To use the Faulkner network, you must fill-out and sign the Computer Usage Form and request an account and password.


Students with a wireless desktop or laptop computer may connect to the wireless network at many locations across campus, including the residence halls. If your computer is wireless enabled you can simply start your web browser, it will point to the wireless network login page where you will login using your student account and your chosen password. (Please see instructions on account setup below)

Option 2 and 3 only allow Internet service via your ISP; you are not “logged-in” to the Faulkner network.

Email Accounts

All students are given a Faulkner Gmail account with unlimited storage. Faulkner Gmail can either be accessed at or

FU login screen 2

*You will also log onto any Faulkner network PC using the above process.

Grades and Account Information

Grades will not be mailed. To check grades or account information, go the following site: (without www)
Your grade(s) will appear in the Class Schedule section of the Summary information for the term selected. Grades issued will be posted to the web site the following day by noon.


Access to Internet gaming is allowed throughout the week but is more relaxed after 5 PM. You may use campus network PCs to download games and programs, but when the PC is re-started, the programs are automatically removed. This does not apply to your personal PC.

Server Space

Traditional students are encouraged to store their school-related files on the Student Server. Jump drives are permitted, but storing on the server will assure a safe location. The drive letter assigned to the Student Server is H:\, followed by your Student ID Number, and will be visible when you save a file. Please do not store MP3, WAV, WMA, or any copyrighted files on the server. Please refer to the Statement of Ethics for more information.


Students are responsible for supplying their own paper in the resident hall printers. The resident hall supervisor is responsible for toner in the resident hall labs. If you need paper or toner in the lab printers, please contact the lab directors for lab PCs.


If you require assistance, please email, or dial extension 7171 (on campus). Our office is located in room 106 of the Rotunda. Our hours are 7am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday.

At this time, EFC is not permitted to work on students’ personal computers, or enter students’ dorm rooms or apartments to work on personal PCs. However, if you have trouble accessing wireless in the dorms please contact EFC.

If you are living in the Harrison Apartments and would like Faulkner network access, we will provide instructions on how to configure your personal PC. Alternatively, you may bring your PC (with network card installed) to the EFC office and we will configure your PC to connect to the network. If you have XP Home Edition, you will only be able to access Faulkner’s Internet Service only. Network access is not available with XP Home.