50% Tuition Reduction For First Responders

As a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, emergency medical technician or other emergency responder, you may be eligible to receive a 50% tuition reduction when you enroll at Faulkner University. Whether you’re looking to enter a new career or are seeking advancement in your current field through continued education, we offer a wide range of programs that let you earn a degree on your own terms, so you can obtain higher education while fulfilling your commitment to helping others. Keep reading to learn more about our tuition reduction program for first responders.

Do More With An Accelerated Degree Program

EMS personnel, members of law enforcement and fire department workers could enjoy a 50% reduction in tuition with applicable programs from Faulkner University, including, but not limited to:

Students that qualify for the 50% tuition reduction must satisfy all admission requirements, maintain satisfactory academic progress and remain continuously enrolled until degree completion (some exclusions apply, see here for details). While this program cannot be combined with other institutional discounts, awards, grants or scholarships, you may still be eligible for other forms of financial aid.

Check Your Eligibility

If you’re a first responder interested in Faulkner University’s degree programs, contact us via online form or call us at 800-879-9816. Our friendly representatives can help determine whether you’re eligible for a 50% reduction in tuition and answer any questions you have about pursuing a degree at Faulkner University.

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