Faulkner Faculty Spotlight: Joshua Fullman

Joshua FullmanYears at Faulkner?
California State University, BA English
California State University, MA English
University of Edinburgh, MSc Medieval Studies
Southern Illinois University, PhD English
Classes Taught?
Composition I and II
Survey of British Literature I
Survey of American Literature II
Medieval Literature
Film as Literature
Poetry Writing
Advanced Poetry Writing
Studies in the Novel
Literary Criticism
Great Books II, III, and IV
What attracted you to Faulkner University?
I wanted to teach at a school that studies all of the disciplines under the Lordship of Christ. Christ is the cornerstone of all knowledge, and all of the pieces fit together when they point back to Jesus.
What do you enjoy most about Faulkner University?
Mentoring students, asking them questions, and learning together with them. Here we can relentlessly chase after the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.
What attracted you to your field of study?
I love stories. Stories are the foundation of how we communicate, from the personal to the professional. The study of literature allows us to study all of the disciplines: history, art, philosophy, even the sciences. Literature, thus, allows us to understand who we are, who God is, and what role we can play in his Kingdom story.
What advice would you give students entering your classes or program?
Be insatiably curious for knowledge and be steadfastly committed to pursuing truth–wherever it leads.
What’s your favorite place in Montgomery?
Alabama Shakespeare Festival
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