Eagle Bucks

What are Eagle Bucks?

Like a debit card, Eagle Bucks is a prepaid account that students use to purchase food on campus. With Eagle Bucks, you have access to the Cafeteria and Grill without the need to carry cash, checks or credit cards. You simply use your student ID.

  • Eagle Bucks are safer than carrying cash
  • You can add Eagle Bucks to your account by visiting the Student Accounts office, or through our website:
    Online Payment Form.
  • You can use your Eagle Bucks when you run out of meals on your meal plan, or have the after hours munchies.
  • Since Eagle Bucks are used like a debit card, you can never spend more than is deposited in the account.
  • There are no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements.

How Can I Purchase Eagle Bucks?

  • Purchase Eagle Bucks online: Online Payment Form. (You will need to include your student ID number and choose “Eagle Bucks” as the payment description.)
  • Stop by the Student Accounts office during our business hours. You can purchase Eagle Bucks with check, cash, money order, or debit/credit card.
  • Mail a cashier’s check, money order or check. If mailing a payment, please include the student’s name, ID number, and a memo that the payment is for Eagle Bucks, and send to the address provided below.


Student Accounts Office
5345 Atlanta Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36109-3390