Student Profiles – Aubrey and Caleb Rush

Law school is a challenge. From learning what a tort is to determining who owns Blackacre, students often find themselves longing for the days of undergrad when the reading load was lighter and the Socratic method was used sparingly. However, for those dedicated students who make it to the finish line, the reward of a juris doctor is worth all of the effort expended along the way. While Aubrey and Caleb Rush have both experienced the day-to-day challenges law school presents, their faith, their vision for the future, and the encouragement they provide each other has made their journey – in law school and life – just a little easier.

Aubrey and Caleb RushHometowns:
Aubrey: Bakersfield, California
Caleb: York, Nebraska

Vaughn Park Church of Christ

June 12, 2010

Q: What motivated you to pursue a law degree?

Caleb: I love working with people and helping others, and a legal career opens opportunities for us to help others in their darkest times. Aubrey and I are both passionate about being servants to others because that is what God has called us to do, and we are confident that a law degree will help us achieve that calling.

Q: Why did you choose Faulkner Law?

Aubrey: I believe that the decisions you make in life truly shape who you are. I was fortunate to attend a Christian undergraduate institution, and through that experience, I learned how important it was to me to keep my faith and education connected. I chose Faulkner Law because I wanted my legal education to mold me into not just an attorney, but a Christian attorney.

Q: How has your faith shaped your law school experience?

Caleb: My faith has provided me with so much support during law school. Whether it is through my wife, my family, my church family, or my Faulkner family, the Christian support I have received from them makes the challenges of law school easier and more worthwhile. So, while I know that many schools can equip us for a legal career, I am grateful for the mission and support here at Faulkner Law where I can develop as a Christian servant.

Q: What do you plan to do with your juris doctor from Faulkner Law?

Aubrey: While I am not certain of the exact path I will follow after graduating law school, I am certain that it will be a path where I can help and serve others. I pray that God will show me the path in which He wants me to go, and I am confident that He will use my talents and abilities to further His kingdom.