Faulkner Law Faculty Profile – Kelly McTear

Kelly McTearName: Kelly F. McTear
Years at Faulkner Law: 3 1/2
Undergraduate Institution: Rhodes College
Graduate Institution: The University of Alabama
Relevant Past Legal Employment: Legal Services Alabama


Classes Taught: Family Violence Clinic, Family Law, Contract Drafting, Interviewing Counseling and Negotiation, Field Placement


What attracted you to Faulkner Law?

I was in a domestic violence law clinic in law school. It helped me direct the focus of my own legal career and prepared me to start trying cases from day one as a lawyer. When the opportunity arose for me to lead the Family Violence Clinic at Faulkner Law, I jumped at the chance to provide students with the same experience I had.


What school event do you enjoy the most here at Faulkner Law?

I LOVE the JPILF Auction. As the Director of the Public Interest Program and Faculty Advisor for Jones Public Interest Foundation (JPILF), I am a strong supporter of the event, which raises money to provide students working in summer public interest jobs with stipends to cover living expenses. It’s always so much fun to see what items various Montgomery businesses donate, to see what the faculty members donate, and to get into bidding wars with my friends and colleagues. The fact that it’s for a great cause is just icing on the cake!


Where is your favorite spot in or around the Montgomery area?

There’s something magical about standing at the top of Dexter Avenue, just at the base of the Capital stairs. You can feel it rise behind you as you look down Dexter and see so many amazing state agencies, historical sites, and non-profits. Downtown Montgomery is full of history and organizations working today to make tomorrow’s history. Surveying downtown from the Capital makes me feel hopeful about the future.


Favorite Restaurant in or around the Montgomery Area?

The Farmer’s Market Café. It’s a relic of a building that houses the best meat-and-three joint you’ve ever visited. It’s popular with local politicians, judges, and lawyers and a great place to grab lunch downtown.


Tips for Incoming Students?

Decide how you’re going to calendar early on. Whether you use paper or electronic calendar, schedule EVERYTHING, then stick to the schedule.