Faulkner University

Information for Prospective Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer to Faulkner University's Thomas Goode Jones
School of Law from another ABA-approved law school should do the following:

1. Fill out the online Application for Admission through LSAC and check the
"transfer" box.

2. Provide a letter from the law school you wish to transfer from stating that you
are in good academic standing at that school and reflecting your class standing.

3. Provide an official transcript reflecting the work you have completed at that law

After we receive these documents, we will evaluate your application for transfer.

You should know that if this law school accepts your application as a transfer
student, you may transfer no more than 30 semester hours of academic credits. All
grades for which credit is transferred shall be entered as a "Pass" on your records here. Therefore, you will not have a cumulative grade point average at the time you begin school here.

Your transcript will be evaluated to determine whether the courses you have
taken are comparable to the courses offered at Jones Law School. You will be required
to complete all courses required for graduation at this school. Any course you have
taken for which there is no comparable course here may be transferred only as an
elective course.

All course work accepted for transfer must be taken either at an ABA-approved
law school or in an ABA-approved program. A student must be in good standing at the
other law school at the time of transferring to Jones School of Law.

For more information view transfer student policies.