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Mediation Clinic

In the Mediation Clinic, students mediate cases for litigants in small-claims trial courts. Students receive intensive training in alternative dispute resolution, then work with adversaries to negotiate and settle their disputes. Typically, these are court ordered cases between unrepresented parties. The students bring the parties together, assess their interests and demands, guide them to identify constructive options, and collaborate with the parties to achieve a peaceful, satisfying settlement.

The Mediation Clinic serves our calling to be peacemakers, to promote access to justice and to promote the Rule of Law among our neighbors. The skill and wisdom required in this work is universally transferable to all areas of law practice. The Mediation Clinic equips students to be effective, powerful advocates and negotiators and prepares them for rapid changes in the practice of law.

The Mediation Clinic is an integral element of the School of Law's Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, under the direction of Professor of Law Kenneth F. Dunham.

The Mediation Clinic also collaborates with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution who recognizes the students' work toward eventual certification on the registry of Alabama mediators.

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