Faulkner University

Jones School of Law Library New Acquisitions

March New Books 2014

KF390.5.P6 L39
Law of the poor
by Arthur B. LaFrance [and others]

KFC1155 .P6
The anatomy of criminal justice
by John W. Poulos.

KF245 .U54 2014
Universal citation guide
American Association of Law Libraries Digital Access to Legal Information Committee

KF8925.T69 T69 2013
Toxic tort litigation
Arthur F. Foerster & Christine Gregorski Rolph, editors.

KF251 .G83 2014
Point made : how to write like the nation's top advocates
Ross Guberman

K50 .D74 2013
Advocacy words : a thesaurus
William Drennan

KF373.K53 A3 2013
Keeping it civil : the case of the pre-nup and the Porsche & other true accounts from the files of a family lawyer
Margaret Klaw

KBP173.25 .A67 2013
Applying Sharia in the West : facts, fears and the future of Islamic rules on family relations in the West
edited by Maurits S. Berger

K588 .B78 2013
The unity of the common law
Alan Brudner with Jennifer M. Nadler

KF4550 .G725 2013
A new introduction to American constitutionalism
Mark A. Graber

KBP4187 .C43 2013
Domestic violence and the Islamic tradition : ethics, law and the Muslim discourse on gender
Ayesha S. Chaudhry.

Assessing the effectiveness of international courts
by Yuval Shany

KF228.P737 K84 2013
The little book of Elvis law
Cecil C. Kuhne III.,Kuhne

KF2907.P38 W43 2014
What is-- Stark law?
Donald H. Romano, editor, Jonathan E. Anderman, Matthew R. Fisher

KF1290.S66 K84 2014
Adventure and the law
Cecil B. Kuhne III

KBR1367 .L37 2014
Master of penance : Gratian and the development of penitential thought and law in the twelfth century
Atria A. Larson

KF8745.T48 R67 2014
Understanding Clarence Thomas : the jurisprudence of constitutional restoration
Ralph A. Rossum

K181 .M49 2014
Storytelling for lawyers
Philip N. Meyer

K639 .S25 2013
Trafficking of children for sexual exploitation : public international law 1864-1950
Sunil Salankey Rao

KF480 .G67 2013
Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act;Understanding the ADA
William D. Goren

KF4868.R45 F87 2013
The little book of holiday law
Ursula Furi-Perry

KF8925 .P4A94 1972
Handling accident cases
Albert Averbach

KBP144 .I82 2012
Islam, law and identity
edited by Marinos Diamantides and Adam Gearey

BV4501.2 .C272 1999,The big picture : getting perspective on what's really important in life Ben Carson with Gregg Lewis.,Carson, Ben.

E169.12 .C294 2012
America the beautiful : rediscovering what made this nation great
Ben Carson, with Candy Carson

RD592.9.C37 A3 1990
Gifted hands : the Ben Carson story
Ben Carson with Cecil Murphey

BF637.R57 C37 2008
Take the risk : learning to identify, choose, and live with acceptable risk
Ben Carson, with Gregg Lewis.

K183 .U53 2013
The emergency sasquatch ordinance and other real laws that human beings have actually dreamed up, enacted, and sometimes even enforced
Kevin Underhill

KF303 .B45 2013
Pass the bar exam : a practical guide to achieving academic & professional goals
Sara J. Berman

KF4869.E93 C66 2014
The evangelical origins of the living constitution
John W. Compton

BP166.14.F85 B455 2013
Your fatwa does not apply here : untold stories from the fight against Muslim fundamentalism
Karima Bennoune

K230.G65 H86 2014
Human works, absent words : law, man, and God in some classical philosophers
Christopher Berry Gray

KF9630 .C53 2014
The Fourth Amendment : its history and interpretation
Thomas K. Clancy

KF4783 .M86 2013
Religious liberty and the American Supreme Court : the essential cases and documents
Vincent Phillip Muñoz

E302.5 .V55 2013
The men who made the Constitution : lives of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention
John R. Vile

KF9084 .P79 2014
A short & happy guide to medication
by Will Pryor

BR115.P7 H436 2014
Evangelicals on public policy issues : sustaining a respectful political conversation
Harold Heie
contributors Amy E. Black [and 5 others]

KF9323 .I578 2013
Confronting commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of minors in the United States Committee on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States
Board on Children, Youth, and Families
Committee on Law and Justice
Ellen Wright Clayton, Richard D. Krugman, and Patti Simon, editors
Institite of Medicine and National Research Council of the National Academies.,Institute of Medicine (U.S.)
Committee on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States

KF4550 .F55 2014
Peopling the constitution
John E. Finn