Faulkner University

Board of Advocates

The Board of Advocates is a student run organization that supports the law school's advocacy program. The Board serves as an aid in training and preparing advocacy teams for competition. The Board also is responsible for hosting for various annual inter- and intra-school competitions such as the J. Greg Allen Mock Trial Competition each fall, the Closing Argument Competition in the winter and the first-year moot court competition in the spring. Membership is restricted to those who are trained in advanced advocacy courses such as Trial Advocacy for Competition or Moot Court. In addition to the three intra-school competitions the 2013-2014 Board of Advocates will host the National Trial Competition (NTC) Regional in January and the ABA Mediation Regional in the spring.


Board of advocates - Junior Members

Board of Advocates 2013-2014 Junior Members: (Front row) Scott Smith, Jeri Smallwood, Rachel Boyd,Tamra Bryant,Miranda Brown,Jason Herbert(Middle row) Rodney Davis, Aigner Kolom,Shelley Rawlings, Ashley Granger, Jacqueline Shealy, Jennifer Milton, Joey Tutone (Back row)Leonard Smith, Audrey Liston, Crystal Sands, Chuantae Nichols, Randi Bellew, Amanda Robinson, Josh Willis

Senior Board and Executive Board

Board of Advocate 2013-2014 Senior and Executive Board: (Front row) Jessica Robinson (Chairman of the Board), Simone Bradshaw, Isaac Wallace (Middle row)Seth Brooks, Sherri Mazur (Executive Board Member), Morgan Sanders (Executive Board Member), Ian Kennedy, Chalankis Brown (Executive Board Member)(Back Row) Josh Cochran, David Haggard(Executive Board Member), Evan Loftis, Johana Bucci (Executive Board Member), Brian Bird (Executive Board Member), Not Pictured: Desirae Lewis