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iWork and iLife in the Classroom
May 15, 2012

With Apples's iWork and iLife suites, teacher and students can now easily create a variety of dynamic projects.
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Several of Faulkner’s faculty members received Apple Professional Development Training from Mike Carder this week. His hands-on training sessions provided the faculty members with some essential tools that will help them successfully incorporate Apple’s iPad into Faulkner’s learning environment this fall. Furthermore, the various skills they obtained will assist them in being able to better equip their students with those 21st Century Skills that are imperative to their success in the workforce.

The Apple iWorks and iLife suites were two applications that were focused on during this training. During the iWork session, faculty members gained fundamental skills that would allow them to generate multimedia presentations with Keynote and a variety of documents using Pages. In the in the iLife sessions, faculty members jammed as they created songs in small groups using GarageBand. They also tapped into their production skills when they generated short movies and trailers using the iMovie application.                

The faculty members didn’t just have fun during these professional development sessions. In fact, they were able to see the educational value and benefit from using each of these apps. Because of the way Apple has designed its suites, creating projects is now a breeze. 

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