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Faulkner's English Department Begins Development of New E-text for English Composition
March 1, 2012

Mr. Jacobs explains how the English Department will begin work on a new e-text for Faulkner University students.
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Faulkner’s English Department is already making plans to incorporate Apple’s iPad in the classroom. Perhaps more than most, the English department is in a great position to utilize these devices to financially, academically, and spiritually benefit Faulkner students. Literature and some composition texts, for instance, will become available to students at little to no cost, and some of the best material is often completely free.

We must be Christ-like and academicians, and now we must be Christ-like academicians in a world dominated with technology. Such training will allow the student to compete with our nation’s best and brightest on a professional level while out the same time letting His light shine. Our objective is to capture everything, especially language, for God’s glory, and the iPad is a wonderful opportunity. For my part, I’m excited to participate in one of Faulkner’s first e-textbook creations. English composition touches nearly every student who begins here at Faulkner, so we hope to create a composition textbook that will be available to all Faulkner English composition classes, again, without taxing the student too hard financially. I’m excited; the iPad will allow me to teach and serve better, and it will allow the students to learn better and better express themselves in a relevant, powerful way.

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