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Dr. Marci Johns

Director of Legal Studies
The Faulkner University Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Department recently upgraded its computerized legal research subscription from Westlaw to WestlawNext. WestlawNext will provide Legal Studies students with advanced search features in a mobile friendly environment.

The American Association of Law Libraries recently named Westlaw Next the "New Product of the Year" for 2011 and the National Law Journal named the WestlawNext iPad App the "Best Legal Research App."

All Legal Studies students are provided with access to WestlawNext and will begin benefitting from the new technology as early as March 2012!

Dr. Robert Woods

Director, Great Books Honors College

Great Books students will use the iPad to review shorter readings that are available for free. Students will also use the iPad for online journal entries and for various means of communication of essential information throughout the semester.

Dr. Cindy Walker

Director of Quality Enhancement
Freshman and Transfer Experience classes will be enhanced through our use of iPads.  Students will maintain a daily calendar on their iPads and learn to budget their time.  To help with time management, students will complete a Learning Styles Inventory that will provide current information on how to prepare for classes based on these learning styles and the time that will be required for studying and preparation.  In addition, faculty will post ongoing helpful hints for success at the collegiate level.  Finally, students will maintain an inventory of likes and dislikes that will help them in making sound decisions regarding career goals and how to best achieve said goals.  All of this information will be just a click or two away!

Dr. Gerald Jones

Associate Dean, Harris College of Business
As part of their courses in Intermediate Accounting I and II, accounting majors receive passwords that enable them to access a database hosted by the American Association of Accountants and consisting of hundreds of statements codifying Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

The College of Business maintains and supports a web server running Microsoft Web Server as a file and web server, and designated for instructional use by students and faculty alike. It can be used to give students experience with those areas of Information Management that in an industrial environment would be provided on servers such as this one.

Dr. Terry Brown

Chair, Department of Physical Education and Sports Management

The Physical Education/Sports Management Department incorporates a Physiology Lab within its curriculum that includes a complete metacart and a brand new testing treadmill. With this equipment students are exposed to Max VO2 testing (measures the volume of oxygen the subject can consume while exercising at maximum capacity), stress testing, & ECG. The entire system is computerized and provides students with valuable experience in the technology utilized in the Physical Education and Sports Management career fields.

Dr. Idongesit Mkpong-Ruffin

Chair, Department of Computer Sciences
Faulkner's Computer Science students are working with real world applications and computer software to prepare them for a career in the field. First, students in the Computer Science Department are provided access to a usability software package called Morae. Morae captures audio and on-screen activity along with keyboard/mouse input, allows for observation of people using a website or application; and, reveals patterns of usage. The evaluation of these patterns may impact changes or enhancements to the site or application to make it more user-friendly.

Students and the faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics are also provided access to licensed copies of Microsoft developer applications through MSDNAA (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance).

Dr. E.L. Perry

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
The Department of Mathematics is currently using the computer package Mathematica (from Wolfram) as a technology for Math Majors.  It is to be used in two ways:

1.  It is used as a teaching aid. The instructor can use pre-built demonstrations in class to help the students visualize important concepts.  In fact, there are now complete texts available for some courses in which each section has Mathematica examples to reinforce the concepts of that section.  An example is Complex Analysis by Shaw.

2. It is a programming language for Math Majors. Mathematica is loaded on all the machines in the Greer Hall computer lab.  All Math majors will learn how to use the language. 

Mathematica is also a great tool to aid in faculty research!

Mr. Jason South

Co-director of the Faulkner University Dinner Theatre

The new Faulkner University Dinner Theatre is full of new technology! According to Jason South, co-director of the dinner theatre, there are two main areas of technology in use. The new sound system is a Presonus Sound system including a 48 channel sound board, 12 wireless microphones, and 30 wired mics. The theatre's lighting system consists of an ETC element system with full capability for 100s of lighting instruments. These technologies provide an excellent learning experience for Faulkner's theatre students and a first class experience for theatre patrons!

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