Academic Program – MSLP


The graduate program in speech language pathology (SLP) is designed to be completed in 5 semesters. Students enter each August as a cohort, and progress through the program together.

Students have the option to choose the MA track or the MS track. The academic coursework and clinical experiences are identical for both tracks. The only difference between the two tracks is the type of project the student completes in SLP6381 Research Experiences. Also, the Comprehensive Exam requirement is waived for students on the MS track.

MA track: This track is for students who are interested in learning how to apply research literature in clinical settings, but not necessarily interested in conducting their own personal research. Students on the MA track will complete an Evidence Based Practice Portfolio during SLP6381 Research Experiences. Students are also required to pass the Comprehensive Exam to graduate.

MS track: This track is for students who want experience in conducting research. Students on the MS track will complete a thesis, which involves developing their own research study under the guidance of a thesis committee. Upon completion of the thesis, students can choose to publish the study in a journal or present it at ASHA Convention if they wish. Due to the complex nature and extra time commitment for completing a thesis, the Comprehensive Exam requirement is waived for students on the MS track.

Course Descriptions

Course Sequence

All students (MA track and MS track) must take all courses in the following sequence. Part-time enrollment is not permitted.

Course # Course Name Credit Hour
Year 1: Fall Semester
SLP6320 Advanced Articulation & Phonological Disorders 3
SLP6351 Neurogenic Disorders 1 3
SLP6360 Dysphagia- Adult 3
SLP6365 Dysphagia- Pediatric 3
SLP6391 Clinical Methods and Practicum 1 3
Year 1: Spring Semester
SLP6352 Neurogenic Disorders 2 3
SLP6310 Advanced Language Disorders in Children 3
SLP6330 Voice & Resonance Disorders 3
SLP6340 Fluency Disorders 3
SLP6392 Clinical Methods and Practicum 2 3
Year 1: Summer Semester
SLP6205 Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2
SLP6215 Understanding Autism 2
SLP6270 Aural Habilitation and Rehabilitation 2
SLP6280 Research Methods 2
SLP6393 Clinical Methods and Practicum 3 3
Year 2: Fall Semester
SLP6991 Internship 1 (off-campus) 9
SLP6381 Research Experiences in SLP (off-campus) 3
Year 2: Spring Semester
SLP6992 Internship 2 (off-campus) 9
SLP6381 Research Experiences in SLP (off-campus) 3
Total Credit Hours 65

Graduation Requirements

MA/MS SLP Graduation Requirements

  • Complete all required courses with a grade of “B-” (80%) or higher.*
  • Minimum GPA for graduation is 3.0 or higher
  • Minimum of 375 clinical clock hours (plus 25 observation hours)
  • Passing grade on Thesis (MS track) or EBP Project (MA track)
  • Passing score on Comprehensive Exam (MA track only)
  • Passing grade on SLO 5 Portfolio
  • Meet all of ASHA’s Standards for CCC-SLP per the Standards for CCC-SLP Tracking Form