Writing Center Faculty FAQs

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How can I encourage my students to visit the Writing Center?

  • Insert a brief statement about the Writing Center on your syllabus
  • Explain the benefits of visiting the Writing Center
  • Post a Writing Center flyer on your office door
  • Invite one of our writing coaches to make a brief presentation in your class
  • Remind students to make an appointment before major assignments are due
  • Offer extra credit for attending a Writing Center session

How will I know when my students visit the Writing Center?

At the end of each session, our writing coaches make a few brief notes about the session. These notes describe the issues discussed and instruction provided, but do not make evaluations of the student or contain any confidential information. Upon the student’s request, these notes can be emailed to the instructor.


Do the writing coaches discuss grades with the students?

No! Our coaches will not discuss grades or any other decisions made by the instructor. Our coaches are trained to respect the instructor’s authority and redirect a student’s conversation if needed.


Do you complete the work for the students?

No! We do not write or edit documents for students, but we do assist them in the process by answering questions, asking questions, explaining concepts, and providing resources. We will never do the work for the students; instead, we will partner together with them and empower them to become the capable writers we believe they can be.