iPad FAQs

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Will student iPads be “monitored”?

All Faulkner University assigned iPads are enrolled in a Mobile Device Management system that allows our support staff to better assist you with troubleshooting and general support. Information about the iPad is available and includes such information as: location data (with active  Wi-Fi connection), installed apps, serial numbers, space available, and other technical data. The system also allows for the iPad to be locked, unlocked, and managed remotely. However, the University will not actively monitor content on individual student devices.


Will I still need my laptop computer?

The iPad is not intended to replace a desktop or laptop computer. It is only intended to supplement the learning process. Therefore, students are encouraged to retain their laptop computers, if desired. In addition, the technology fee supports the University’s computer labs including desktop computers and printers.


Can I “opt out” of using an iPad at Faulkner University?

Faulkner University is committed to providing a technology-rich classroom experience for students; therefore, each traditional student will be provided a Faulkner University-issued iPad according to the terms and conditions explained within this document.


What if I already have an iPad or another tablet? Do I have to accept the Faulkner University issued iPad?

All main campus traditional students will be provided access to a Faulkner University iPad. Faulkner University is committed to using iPads in the classroom. The University can not support other tablets or iPads not supplied by the University. Additionally, only Faulkner University issued iPads are eligible for support services, University provided apps, AppleCare, and repair/replacement.


What happens if I transfer to another university or I am dismissed from Faulkner University? Do I have to return my iPad?

Students will hold no ownership interest in the iPad until the end of their third consecutive semester enrolled at Faulkner*. Until the end of the third semester, the iPad is, and will at all times remain, the property of Faulkner University. The use of a Faulkner University issued iPad is a privilege which can be revoked at any time. The iPad must promptly be returned to the University when students discontinue their program of study, voluntarily or involuntarily (e.g. due to leave, dismissal, suspension), to avoid incurring fees.


*For all iPads received beginning Fall 2014.
iPads received before Fall of 2014 are still subject to the original criteria of 4 or more consecutive semesters and the completion of a Bachelors degree before ownership is transferred.


Will I be allowed to keep my iPad over the Christmas and summer breaks?

Students may retain possession of the iPad during the Christmas and summer break upon completion of registration and payment of a $200 tuition deposit for the upcoming semester. This must be completed by the last day of the semester.

All students must complete registration with the submission of a $200 tuition deposit. The tuition deposit:


  1. Is required to reserve classes and housing for the next term. The University may withdraw students from classes and campus housing if the deposit is not submitted.
  2. Is refundable before June 1 (when registering for fall semester), or December 1 (when registering for spring semester) should the student decide not to attend.
  3. Is applied to the student’s account as a payment and is not an additional fee.


If registration for the second semester has not been completed by the end of the first semester, a fee of $375 will be charged under the assumption you are not returning.


If registration for the third semester has not been completed by the end of the second semester, a fee of $150 will be charged under the assumption you are not returning.


If you are not planning on returning the following semester, the iPad and accessories provided by Faulkner University may be returned to the Eagle iAdvantage office by the last day of the semester.


Will I be required to purchase apps for my iPad?

As part of the technology fee paid by Faulkner University students, various apps for the Faulkner University issued iPads will be provided to students. The University is currently seeking input from the student body in order to identify the most requested applications for purchase.


In addition to the applications provided by the University, students are permitted to use the iPad as needed for the enrichment of their academic and social experiences at Faulkner University and are allowed to download various applications on the iPad according to their personal preferences and academic needs. As with all computing equipment at Faulkner University, use of the iPad is subject to the current University Computer Policy.


What happens if I damage my iPad?

iPads issued by Faulkner University include an AppleCare+ Protection Plan. The AppleCare+ Protection Plan includes repair and replacement of hardware components of the iPad and two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a $49 service fee. This coverage is valid for 2 years from the start of the academic year in which the iPad was assigned. For more information about the AppleCare+ Protection Plan, please see:




Additionally, for those damages not covered by the AppleCare+ Protection Plan, (including accidental breakages), Faulkner University may assist students with repair and/or replacement services. A deductible is required before a repair is initiated. The applicable deductible is as follows:
First occurrence – $125
Second occurrence – $250
Third occurrence – Not eligible for repair or replacement. Students must pay full replacement cost of the device.


Once the deductible is paid in full, Faulkner University will provide students with a loaner iPad, if available, until the student’s iPad is repaired or replaced. Any iPad missing the official University serial number decal may not be subject to repair and replacement by the University.


What happens if my iPad is lost or stolen?

It is very important that students maintain possession of their iPads. A lost or stolen iPad is subject to a replacement fee according to the length of time the student has participated in the Eagle iAdvantage technology initiative. Students are responsible for paying the replacement fee as follows:


After Semester Number 1 2 3
Charged to student if iPad is lost or stolen or not returned when required 375 150 75


Will all textbooks be available in the electronic version accessible on the iPad?

An objective of the Faulkner University Eagle iAdvantage initiative is to provide a common platform in which e-texts may be utilized to enrich the learning experience and minimize costs to students. All attempts are made to adopt texts available in the e-text format. Additionally, Faulkner University faculty are continually exploring innovative options for providing course resources via the iPad with the goal of reducing textbook costs in each course.


How will I receive support and training in the use of the iPad?

The University’s Instructional Technology Support staff is available to provide support to faculty and students in the use of the iPad and other instructional technology within the learning environment. Please visit room 120A in the Rotunda, email iPadHelp@faulkner.edu or call 334-386-7396 if you need assistance.


Also, since every Faulkner University issued iPad comes with the AppleCare+ Protection Plan. This means that students can call Apple’s award-winning technical support experts as often as they need for technical support. AppleCare+ support is provided by the University for two years beginning at the start of the Academic Year in which it was assigned. For support from Apple’s technical support experts please see:



What if a new version of the iPad becomes available?

Beginning Fall 2014, Faulkner University will provide an iPad to all incoming freshmen and transfer students. At the  end of the student’s third (3rd) consecutive semester, ownership of the iPad  will be transferred to the student.  At this point, the student can choose to trade in their iPad at a participating retailer for a credit toward newer iPad models (this is optional). Faulkner will not provide an upgraded model. All required apps or programs will be compatible with iPad models currently on campus.


Will my iPad work outside of the Faulkner University campus?

A Wi-Fi connection is needed for full functionality of some applications. However, many applications and textbooks will still work without a Wi-Fi connection. The only features that absolutely will not work without Wi-Fi connection are the internet and email functions. There are many free Wi-Fi hotspots around town for students who would like to access these functions away from school.


Will Faulkner University provide any accessories for my iPad?

Accessories will not be provided, but some are available for purchase at the campus bookstore.


What if the iPad accessories are lost, stolen or damaged?

The Apple Care+ Protection Plan that Faulkner University has purchased for the iPads does not cover lost or damaged accessories (USB cable, or the 12W USB power adapter). Students will be charged the actual replacement cost for lost, stolen, or damaged accessories.


Will students be able to take tests, notes and participate in online courses on the iPad?

Some tests may be taken on the iPads. The University will provide a note-taking application for use with the iPad. Students will be capable of participating in online courses via the built in web browser.


Will student iPads have “tracking devices” on them?

Students are encouraged to sign up for the free “Find my iPad” program that will allow iPads to be located as long as there is a Wi-Fi signal. Each iPad will have a serial number assigned by the University in order to assist in the return of misplaced iPads. However, the University will not actively track individual student devices through any electronic means.


When will I own the iPad?

For iPads received after Fall 2014
Faulkner University will transfer ownership of the iPad to students at the completion of the third (3rd) consecutive semester. All other students leaving school and not returning their iPads when required will be assessed charges according to the schedule below.

After Semester Number 1 2 3
Charged to student if iPad is lost or stolen or not returned when required 375 150 75

For iPads received before Fall 2014
Faulkner University will transfer ownership of the iPad to graduating seniors who receive a baccalaureate degree and have participated in the Eagle iAdvantage program for four (4) consecutive semesters. All other students leaving school and not returning their iPads when required will be assessed charges according to the schedule below (charges expressed in dollars).

After Semester Number 1 2 3
Charged to student if iPad is lost or stolen or not returned when required 375 300 175