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Wellness Week kicks off effort to balance mind, body, spirit

October 16, 2017

When it comes to relieving stress and uplifting spirits, few do it better than a friendly dog with a wag of their tail and a wide, toothy grin. Students at Faulkner University had a chance to take a break from their studies to sit and cuddle dogs as the university’s Wellness Week kicked off on […]

Donald Trump, Jr. lauds Christian values at Faulkner’s 75th anniversary Benefit Dinner

October 11, 2017

The world has changed in the last 75 years, but one thing has remained steadfast- Faulkner University’s mission to be a beacon of hope in a time of darkness and division. Donald Trump, Jr. spoke of that truth at Faulkner’s Annual Benefit Dinner on Oct. 5 to help raise money for student scholarships. He praised […]

Resolving Common Problems with Online Learning

August 7, 2017

Attending an online degree program gives students a more convenient schedule, which can be helpful for people who have work or family responsibilities. Although online education does necessitate attention to scheduling and requirements, this is a viable option for many learners. The faculty and staff at Faulkner University strive to prepare students for potential problems […]

Tips for Participating in Online Discussion Boards

August 3, 2017

Online education is about much more than just reading a textbook and answering multiple choice questions on a website. Besides the flexibility and convenience, online classes offer students benefits such as the ability to connect with peers and have in-depth discussions that enhance their learning. These tips will help students maximize the benefits of online […]

Ultimate Checklist For Online Learning

July 31, 2017

You’ve decided to take the leap into online learning at Faulkner University – now what? Online classes aren’t that much different than regular ones. Although you’re working off-site, a lot of the same principles apply. For example, you still need to purchase textbooks and review the syllabus, since it’s always best to be prepared beforehand. […]