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Resolving Common Problems with Online Learning

August 7, 2017

Attending an online degree program gives students a more convenient schedule, which can be helpful for people who have work or family responsibilities. Although online education does necessitate attention to scheduling and requirements, this is a viable option for many learners. The faculty and staff at Faulkner University strive to prepare students for potential problems […]

Tips for Participating in Online Discussion Boards

August 3, 2017

Online education is about much more than just reading a textbook and answering multiple choice questions on a website. Besides the flexibility and convenience, online classes offer students benefits such as the ability to connect with peers and have in-depth discussions that enhance their learning. These tips will help students maximize the benefits of online […]

Ultimate Checklist For Online Learning

July 31, 2017

You’ve decided to take the leap into online learning at Faulkner University – now what? Online classes aren’t that much different than regular ones. Although you’re working off-site, a lot of the same principles apply. For example, you still need to purchase textbooks and review the syllabus, since it’s always best to be prepared beforehand. […]

Get Your Online Biblical Studies PhD

July 27, 2017

In a continually evolving world, achieving your degree is becoming easier than ever – and with the increasing availability of online degree programs, there’s no better time to commit yourself to educational pursuits. At Faulkner University, we strive to incorporate our dedication to and knowledge of God’s Word into each and every element of education. […]

Reasons To Pursue A PhD in Humanities Online

July 24, 2017

Whether you recently graduated with a Master’s degree or have been working in the field professionally for a while, you can further your education by enrolling in Faulkner University’s online Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities program. A number of factors set this program apart from the rest; namely, the fact that it’s 100% available online […]