Student Support Services

Academic support is available to all Faulkner students through Student Support Services. Any student demonstrating an academic need is eligible for our services. Students may be referred by faculty, but any student may request assistance from Support Services. Student Support Services works with students on an individual basis to help them acquire the academic assistance they need. Student Support Services works closely with the Instructional Support Lab and Disability Services to provide students with tools for a successful college experience.

Services offered

  • Tutoring – Students may receive up to 20 hours a month of free tutoring from a qualified peer tutor. Peer tutors are recommended by faculty and have a strong academic background in the subjects they tutor.Students needing tutoring in math or English are usually referred to the Instructional Support Lab.
  • Computer-based instruction
  • Video instruction – Videos are available to help students develop test-taking tactics, to overcome test anxiety, and to improve study skills. Academic skills videos are housed in the Instructional Support Lab.