Faulkner University

Campus Security FAQ

Q: May I have a car on campus as a freshman?
A: Sure! Freshmen may bring their cars.
Q: How much does the parking decal cost?
A: It's free! Parking is free for students on Faulkner's campus.
Q: May I bring more than one vehicle to campus?
A: Students are allowed to bring only one car to campus.
Q: May I bring a motorcycle?
A: Motorcycles are treated like any other vehicle. A decal must be obtained for parking.
Q: May I bring a golf cart or ATV to campus?
A: Students are not permitted to have golf carts or ATV's on campus. We do make exceptions for handicapped students.
Q: Are pets allowed on campus?
A: No pets are allowed on campus in the dorms or apartments.
Q: How does a student become a security officer?
A: Students who are sophomore level and above, and who have good grades, may be considered for the position of security officer. Interested students should inquire in the office of campus security.
Q: How safe is Faulkner's campus?
A: Very! The campus of Faulkner is situated in a great part of town, and campus security is present 24 hours a day. All vehicles coming in and going out of campus are video recorded.
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