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Courses in Management (MN)

3300 Principles of Management

The functions of management and the applications of management principles in organization. Emphasis on planning, organization, implementation and control. Study of strategic planning, portfolio strategy, group dynamics, motivation, leadership, ethics and management practice.

3310 Small Business Management

In-depth analysis of the key functional areas of a small business. Prerequisite: MN 3300.

3325 Personnel/Human Resource Management

Focus on human resource planning, job analysis, recruiting sources, selection devices, employee training, career development, performance appraisals and compensation administration. Prerequisite: MN 3300.

4360 Organizational Behavior

Study of the mainsprings of motivation, social systems, work groups, and job satisfaction. Emphasis on leadership and supervision, group dynamics, organizational development, organizational structure and design, communicating relationships, incentive systems, and stress management. Prerequisite: MN 3300.

4390 Readings in Management

Variable content in the management area. Survey and analysis of a multitude of leading articles in general business management. Prerequisite: MN 3300; Senior status.

4394 International Management

A survey of trends in International business management with a focus on international human resource management. An overview of the global economy. Prerequisite: MN 3300; Senior status.

4395 Seminar in Management

A forum of discussion pertaining to current trends and issues in the management area including reengineering, restructuring, revitalization, and studying paradigm shifts. Prerequisite: MN 3300; Senior status.

4396 Seminar in E-Commerce

An overview of current concepts, principles and topics pertaining to e-commerce that include e-marketing, e-finance, e-management, etc. Prerequisites: BIS 3386, BIS 4340, BIS 4345, BIS 4390.

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