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Courses in Business Administration (BA)

1301 Business Principles and Concepts

An introduction to the basic principles of American business and the free enterprise system.

1341 Business Calculus

A course designed specifically for the Business major including basic techniques of differential and integral calculus and applications in business. Prerequisite: Minimum grade of "C" in MH 1340 or appropriate score on ACT math subsection, SAT math section or placement test.

2301 Principles of Accounting I

The structure of accounting. Beginning principles, theory, and practice for service and trading enterprises. Prerequisite: BA 2305

2302 Principles of Accounting II

A continuation of Accounting I. A special emphasis on applications to corporations. The preparation and interpretation of financial data. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in BA 2301.

2303 Macroeconomics

Study of macroeconomics, economic growth and development, economic systems, unemployment and inflation, circular flow, fiscal instruments, money and banks, monetarism, demand and supply, protectionism, and international economic order. (Must be eligible to take MH 1338 or higher).

2304 Microeconomics

Study of microeconomics with emphasis on consumer choice, market demand and elasticity, business firm choice, market structures, capital structures, antitrust, regulatory agencies, and international trade. (Must be eligible to take MH 1338 or higher.)

2305 Business Mathematics

Mathematics for personal and business finance. Topics studied include interest, markup, depreciation, discounts, installment loans and taxes. (Must be eligible to take MH 1338 or higher.)

2309 Introduction to Management

An introduction to management principles, concepts, theory, and practice with focus on the management process.

2310 Introduction to Finance

An introduction to financial markets and intermediaries and capital budgeting tools and techniques.

2311 Introduction to Marketing

An introduction to marketing principles, concepts, theory, and practice with an overview of the primary tools of marketing.

2312 Introduction to Professional Writing

Survey of the fundamentals of business writing. Exposure to drafting essential documents (business letters, memoranda, etc). Emphasis on basic grammatical principles, clarity and conciseness in writing, organizational skills and paragraph structure.

2380 Business Law I

An introduction to a general body of legal principles and concepts pertaining to business including contracts, sale of goods, consumer protection, bailment's, agency and employment, estate planning, and business organization and regulation.

2381 Business Law II

A continuation of BA 2380 - Business Law I.

3310 Professional Writing and Communications

Professional writing concepts. Emphasis on style, organization and mechanics. Focus on a multitude of business communications concepts. Prerequisite: CA 1302 and minimum grade of "C" in EH 1302.

3340 Business Statistics (EC 3340, Economics & Statistics)

Provides a statistical background through study and review of general statistical theories and techniques including probability, frequency distribution, sampling, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression. Prerequisite: BA 2305. Recommended MH 1338 or higher.

3380 Legal Environment of Business I

Structure and evolution of business law. Legal principles and social forces in government, business, and society. Overview of court system. Studies in contracts and torts.

3381 Legal Environment of Business II

Studies in the Uniform Commercial Code: Overview of Article 2 (Sales) and Article 9 (Secured Transactions). Prerequisite: BA 3380.

4380 Business Policy and Strategy

The formulation and application of policies and programs pertaining to the business enterprise. Focus on multiple functional areas with business. Prerequisite: ACF 4310; BA 2301, 2302, 2303, 2305, 3340; MN 3300; MKT 3310; MH 1338 or higher.

BA 4390 Business Internship

A structured, supervised work experience in a business or a public sector entity.



2099/3099 Individualized Study

The course may involve a systematic reading program, library research, laboratory project, studio work, field study or creative expression. Conferences or tutoring as required, but no formal lectures or recitations. Quizzes, tests, examinations as may be appropriate. BA 2099 is open to sophomores only; BA 3099 is open to juniors and seniors. Number of credit hours awarded (1-3) will be set by the department head and requires formal approval of the Associate Dean of the College of Business.

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