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Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Executive Bachelor of Business Administration is a broad-based program primarily designed to offer a versatile education in business and management within a stipulated time frame of one year (6 Modules). This executive program of study is offered to current and potential executives, professionals, managers and supervisors who have completed two (2) years of college study. Candidates seeking admission to the program are generally expected to be above 23 years of age with at least two (2) years of relevant work experience. This program is geared to enhance the learning horizons of executives by offering a blend of the various courses considered vital for a career in business.

An objective of the Executive BBA program is for it to distinguish itself in many ways: from the quality of its students, the teaching of its faculty, and the leadership/accomplishments of its prospective alumni.

It is our firm determination to maintain a leading role in the education of business professionals by offering them general management education opportunities throughout the various stages of their careers. We strive to maintain high Christian standards that will enable us to earn leadership status in Executive education because of our outstanding faculty, innovative programs, and focus on Christian perspectives.

Our focus is on the most pressing issues facing business and industry. In order to show the dynamic nature of the marketplace we will address the current international and regulatory forces affecting executive decisions. Often, our program participants become a source of vital information for the faculty.

Classes are structured to combine theory with application, thus allowing executives the opportunity to learn from each other as well as from our own distinguished faculty. In general, small class sizes for the management programs are maintained to ensure that each participant receives individual attention.

One of our longtime goals has been the development of a complete and exclusive learning environment for our program participants. The Executive BBA program is designed to bridge the gap between traditional academic programs and Executive education. We invite you to study this catalog in detail and to consider the many benefits of this Executive BBA program.

Program Highlights

In addition to facilitating professional growth and development in a multitude of ways, the BBA program, being totally structured in modules within the semester, has the following advantages:

  • Credit for prior undergraduate work at accredited institutions.
  • Option of Tuesday/Thursday or Saturday classes for certain groups.
  • Completion within one year (50 weeks/3 semesters/6 modules).
  • Each semester comprised of 2 modules and each module comprised of 6-7 weeks.
  • Each module has four courses, two of which are 3-semester credit hrs. each, one for 1-semester credit hr., and another of 3-semester credit hrs. of directed study.
  • Ability to enter program several times during the year. (You may only begin in Module 1, however.)
  • Moderate executive tuition package with choice of individualized tuition payment plans.

Program Objectives

  • Broaden the student's knowledge and understanding of the current facets of business via a curriculum designated and structured for executive education.
  • Improve the student's capacity for effective decision making in organizations.
  • Facilitate professional growth by exposure to organizational culture and development of conceptual as well as diagnostic skills.
  • Provide a practical understanding of the total enterprise while promoting the process of abstract thought.
  • Emphasize objective setting, strategic planning, operational planning and time-management concepts.
  • Review multiple organizational structures/design, job designs, and authority relationships.
  • Focus on organizational behavior within the managerial dimensions of attitude, personality, perception, learning, roles, norms, and techniques in the management of group dynamics.
  • Promote development of interpersonal relationships, along with effective oral and written communications.
  • Enhance human resource management skills to achieve high productivity.
  • Encourage integration of the Biblical doctrines of Christian perspectives within the value systems of business, professional relationships and the code of conduct in management.
  • Gain insights into the basic elements of the marketing concept and its implementation.
  • Recognize and understand the environmental variables that influence marketing decisions, activities and strategy formulation.
  • Provide an overview of the basic structure of accounting systems and financial analysis from a management perspective.
  • Survey the economic environment as it relates to individuals, business and society.
  • Analyze and interpret certain information system concepts vital to modern-day business.
  • Survey statistical/quantitative methodology in conjunction with problem scenarios that provide insights into managerial decisions.
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