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The liberal arts, historically understood, are not technical subjects such as computer science or marketing, which focus on a specific career. Instead, the liberal arts help the student wrestle with the fundamental issues of human existence: What is the nature of reality? Who or what are we? What is our place in the universe? How do we know what we think we know? How are we to behave towards others and towards God? What meaning is there in our existence and actions?

Study of the liberal arts asks these questions and shows how others throughout history have answered them. Students learn how the implications of these different answers have played out in society, culture, politics, law, literature, and the arts. In addition, at Faulkner we ask specifically, "What are Christian answers to these questions? What implications will those answers have for society?"

Because these questions and their answers lie at the center of human existence, study of the liberal arts has for centuries been seen as the core of a proper university education. No matter what career path a Faulkner student chooses, study of the liberal arts helps to orient him towards Christian answers to life's questions.

Liberal arts majors can be found in all walks of life and many career tracks. A liberal arts degree stressing critical thinking and writing skills is appropriate preparation for most professional schools (including medicine and law) as well as for entry-level positions in business, government, and private education, among other fields. The Department of Humanities stresses the importance of internships for liberal arts majors who wish to acquire work experience in the fields in which they plan to make their careers.

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